Leave a Comment on a Friend's Page

I type in a comment on a friends page and it does not load. What am I doing wrong? Audrey

Hello Audrey!

TuDiabetes has been facing some technical issues associated with Ning, the platform that TuDiabetes is run on. You can read more about this issue and solutions that other members found here:

For some reason, many members have had troubles leaving comments on members’ pages. This problem seems to disappear if you use the Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer or other browsers. Until these problems are cleared up, that is the only short term solution that we can offer.

Firefox is a free software that can be downloaded here:

Many of our members choose to use Firefox anyway, as we consider it to be a safer browser.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

I’m having the same issue. Has been going on for about a week. I just send messages to them instead in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Thanks-apparently it is a 'Ning" problem and we should use firefox. Audrey

i had the same problem and I just send messages as well.

How? I have the stomach flu and have to miss my PA appointment-so I just faxed over my logs that we downloaded. Feeling sick with diabetes is difficult.