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Hi. Can you tell me if all the old group content is gone? I’d like to dig through the discussions here: /groups/rocheaccuchekspiritinsulinpumpusers for pump help but it’s not working.

Hi @AaronK, sorry to be tardy getting back to you on this, all the content from the various pump groups was moved here

Let me know if you need help finding anything. I have the Accu-chek Combo myself. Feel free to add a new topic if you’d like.

Nice forum. But what about the chat room? seems it doesn’t work :unamused:

I just visited the chat room and it seems to be currently working. Can you tell us what browser you are using? What do you see?

I’m using IE11. I can see the chat but I can’t see my messages.

Where is my page?

Where are my friends?

Where are my groups?

Wow—I just hit a new wrinkle in usage. While I stop in daily, today I was concentrating on catching up on a couple excellent discussions in the forum that I had not gotten to yet—reading posts and thinking and processing before posting something myself. All of a sudden, up pops a box saying I had reached some maximum limit of “Likes.”

Lots of “Likes” is a good thing. It means I am engaged and enjoying the entire discussion and everybody in it. What in heaven’s name is too many likes about?

I assume there is some pragmatic reason that is quite beyond me to grasp…But it surely does seem silly…


I agree! Likes are good! I think this might be able to be changed, I’ll ask @EmilyC if she can do it.

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I checked, we have things set to a maximum of 50 likes per day. I did notice quite a few likes from @Judith_in_Portland over the weekend. If members want to use more “likes” I think we can request a higher maximum.

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Likes ARE good!!! @Judith_in_Portland, I’m so glad you’re liking so many things here :grinning:. I’ve increased the maximum likes per day to 70 (didn’t actually realize there was a limit, as I don’t think anyone had reached it before). To be honest, I’m not sure why there’s a limit, but I’m glad we can change it.


Thanks @EmilyC…Please note a new/old post in which I tagged you and @MarieB for help—a dire situation for a member. The best I could figure out was adding it to an existing post from last summer. But we should all be thinking about her right now. I think I "tagged " you right so you’ll see it…Forgive my continuing ineptness and thank you for the change. I like to “Like” stuff and particularly, I like to “Like” People a lot! And sometimes that is all I can manage…

I always see all my @ mentions (tags)

@Judith_in_Portland, can you please send me (either in a private message, or in this thread) the link to the post you tried to call @MarieB’s and my attention to? I’m not certain I saw that. Thanks!

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I’ll send you a link em

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Hello Everyone. I’m Kathy newbie in the forum.