Leigh's Story

I am finally coming out of my shell here on tudiabetes. The real reason I joined a long time ago, but held back from telling my story. I’m shy. Here goes:

I’ve been throwing up a lot and it’s put me in the hospital quite a bit over the last 2 years. No doctor wanted to diagnose anything. They did minimal tests and ignored figuring it out, and only wanted to get me to stop throwing up and get me out of there. So for years I’ve had these unexplained bouts of vomiting that seem to be brought on by stress, excitement, or panic-like feelings, multiple trips to bad ERs, and many embarassing moments…yuck.

I needed a change, bad. My first change was I got a new endocrinologist, new to me and great and young and aggressive with treatment, he suggested I see several doctors, a gastro-intestinal specialist, a psychiatrist and psychologist. I started on cymbalta right away and it had positive effects. It seemed to decrease the urge to throw up, but didn’t prevent it all the time. It also helped me cope with some sad things going on in my life at that time, losing my 94 yr. old grandmother and my 16 yr old cat, too.

There are several reasons that have brought anxiety to my life and sometimes I just don’t know how much i can take. But this is why I feel I am who I am.

I have a sister who is 4 years older than me. When she was six, she got Type 1 Diabetes. This affected our family greatly because there was always concern over her health which stressed out our entire family. Two years later our father was diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer) and died within the year. My mother was depressed over her loss and me and my sister and mom coped the best we could. Two years later my mother remarried. He adopted us two years later and 4 years later our mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and died several months later. Our “step” father was willing to keep us and we stayed in NC (rather than going back to IL). Two years later he remarried a woman with a daugher.

Our new step-mom didn’t really like us, or the fact that my father kept us after such a short relationship with my mother, but that was the way it was. Her daughter was in between our ages.

Losing my mother made me very close to my grandmother and it made relationships very fragile for me.

I married my college sweetheart, whom I had felt constant competitions with his “ex” girlfriend. We divorced 2 years later and both had several relationships thereafter. We ended up friends 3 years later, working together, and both had grown up a bit and I’d learned to forgive since then. We began dating each other again and re-married Aug. 28, 2005 in Las Vegas with the Carolina Rollergirls. The wedding was great. It was “our” way.

My life is pretty good now, I have 2 great jobs, a wonderful husband, a beautiful house with a wonderful studio, but I still have lots of holes and the doctors think they can help. I am so happy to finally have some answers and people that I can talk to, get support from, and not feel embarrassed about it anymore. According to the docs at UNC, this is very common in diabetics, and very common in women. Anyone else have anything like this?

Thank you for sharing your colorful life story Leigh. Im really glad you indeed came out of your shell. Welcome to the diabetic world. Your’e not alone…We here in TuD may have diabetes as a commonality but we have so much differtences to share. That is maybe why Ive considered this condition challenging but with so much beautiful things to learn. Not to mention wonderful friends to meet. I wish you well.

Wow you’ve had some major cr*p to deal with and kudos that you’re still fighting.
I am so unbeliveably sorry that you too have suffered M/c’s I have unfortunately also had too much experience in that field and I know how awful it is so (((hugs))).
It’s fab that you and your hubby ‘found’ each other again.
WRT the sickness I used to get terrible nausea and stomach upsets particularly when stressed and they did all sorts of tests, like an endoscopy and barium enema ;o) not nice. and found I had sth called Helicobacter Pylori…which they treated with a double dose of antibiotics, have they tested you for that?
Lou x x x

I don’t now about any testing for Helicobacter Pylori, but I did get anti-biotics through the IV towards the end of my stay.