So, I was talking to my mom this evening and I came up with a perfect thing to give up for Lent this year… I’m giving up Diabetes!

Here it is, here’s my diabetes, it’s free for whomever wants it… go ahead and take it… lol

Wouldn’t it be nice…

Ah yes…Lent begins today…Ash Wednesday. It is supposed to be a period of fasting, sacrifices, giving, and forgiveness…(that is for the Catholic faith).
How I wish we can just indeed give “it” up…diabetes that is… Then again… I may say I don’t like it, but somehow it made me a better person too =)

Can a non-Catholic give hers up for Lent, too:) I’ll convert, if it can be a permanent give-up!

Call the next sadomaso studio. A dominatrix will lent it for sure. Best customer service in town, LOL.

Lol! Yes, Gerri, we will allow you to convert! I wish that’s all it takes… took? I’m too tired to think what the correct word is!

Took, takes–doesn’t matter to me:) Sign me up.

Lol… Yeah, I forgot to cover my coffee and was trying to think through my fog of 346… Oops! I’ve been doing that a lot lately forgetting to cover things…

I think my daughter would join your choice for Lent in a heartbeat if she could.

I told my husband the same thing the other day!!! He said it would work as well as the year I decided to give up sinning for Lent. HA!

I’ll give up diabetes, too. Wouldn’t want you to be alone. ha ha