Leptin instead of insuiln?

Has anyone heard of the research around using leptin instead of insulin in type 1 diabetes? Does anyone understand how this work? I can’t understand how mice (and according to the researchers, presumably humans) could live without insulin. I find the entire concept almost mind-boggling! I wonder if it just extends the honeymoon stage for those relatively newly diagnosed, or (assuming it works) if it would help those of us who have had type 1 for decades.


Wow! Thanks for posting that link. I had heard of this but hadn’t read that article yet.
I have no idea how leptin would work, but I think this is just more evidence of the fact that the more we find out about T1, its causes, and potential treatments, the more we realize that there’s a world of stuff out there that we DON’T know! Crazy. Part of me wonders if this is just going to be another amylin/Symlin thing.


I found this article about the role of leptin http://www.enotalone.com/article/18627.html