Hello all.

I am very interested in adding Symlin to my regular meds of insulin and metformin. A1c's are averaging low 6's (6.3) and I am on a 15/45/40 ratio of carbs/protein/fat diet.

My CDE refuses to put me a on both and also doesn't believe in low carb diets for any diabetic, so I'm thinking of switching to someone else. I would love to chat about what your experiences are with this combination. It has been 3.5 years since my T1 diagnosis and I am UNABLE to stop gaining weight, no matter lose it.


I low carb and recently added Symlin. She turned me down twice for Symlin. She is good with me doing low carb provided my A1C is good. She has learned it is better to work with me. So I’m keeping this Endo. Tell your Endo how you feel and if they aren’t on board ith working with you, find one that will. The Symlin has helped me with not feeling hungry all of the time. Weight loss hasn’t found me yet. I haven’t managed to loose anything since diagnosis (2.5 years ago). Although I did just have 2 babies in the last 2 years. But with Symlin, I have not gained anything more. So that is something.

Hi Amelia! I am currently on a pump and taking Symlin. Cant help you with the met though.

First of all, you have to compartmentalize these therapies. The met is simply for IR. The insulin and the Symlin are to simply replace what your body no longer produces on its own. Amylin is produced by the same beta cells in the pancreas as insulin. So for a T1, no one is producing it. You already know the function of insulin, but amylin's function is to slow gastric emptying, and provide satiety. The result is you feel full sooner, and have less of a post-meal spike. The weight loss is simply a side effect of Symlin, but certainly not guaranteed.

With that said, it has worked well for me. On average I use about 10-15% less insulin for bolus, and has leveled out my post-meal spikes. I have not experienced any weight loss.

Alright. With that out of the way (I hope I didnt repeat anything you already knew), based on what youve said I think its time to shop for a new endo. Flat out telling someone NO to prescribe something that 1. replaces what your body doesnt produce, and 2. may help you, is unacceptable.

Symlin therapy is still somewhat new, and I suspect your endo is simply unaware of its function or benefit. Either way, I would shop.

Hope that helps!

Hi Amelia - I am a type one and was on Metformin and Symlin. I recently changed providers and am on Victoza, off-label and have stopped taking the metformin. Victoza works much better than the Symlin and I have lost 13 pounds while on it because I have little appetite.