Leremir once a day vs Leremir twice a day

Looking to see if your blood sugar is more under control with taking Leremir once or twice aday.

Under all circumstances you will at least reach the same level of control with two shots. Very likely you will have far superior control. What we need is an evenly distribution of basal insulin and one shot can not guarantee that. Just look at the graph. The dotted lines show the activity of Levemir at two different dosages in comparison to the nasty NPH (solid line). Is that even? No, it is better than NPH but not even - one shot can still show peaks at higher dosages. But two shots will combine nicely to reach that goal. When shot one begins to fade out the second shot starts to fade in. Both shots overlap and this will guarantee good basal coverage for most people.

No doubt for me. One shot a day of Levemir only lasted for about 16 hours. I actually recently saw a clamp study that was independent of any pharmaceutical company that showed at most “normal” (I know what is “normal” but a large % will fall within a certain dosing range) type 1 Levemir doses it starts fading at 12-14 hours and is done at 16 hours. Of course as always YMMV.

Thanks for the feed back…it helps to hear it from you all!

My 13-year-old daughter is the T1, and she’s been on Levemir since shortly it came out. She has always taken it twice/day. Lantus twice/day never worked for her, so I don’t know what she would have done if Levemir hadn’t been available.

We have noticed that Levemir is very forgiving. She takes it at 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, but even when she varies it by 2 hours, it has the same results.