Less expensive test strips that are great!

Can you suggest less expensive test strips that just work great?

And the online sites to purchase them?

It has been a battle working with Endo and BCBS for getting more. Therefore, when I run out I have been buying on my own. I've just been given the ok for 10 per day. I am working to get more. I know for everyone it will depend on their doc and insurance company. I am working on this weekly.

I've gotten some feedback on meters. Now it's time to look at the strips.

Thank You!

I use truetest generics I’ve bought them on eBay for next to nothing but double check the expiration date if you look there. The cheap ones are usually about to expire.

Walmart, Relion strips @.17 each.

I've been using these for a year. I've gotten a couple bad strips, but very pleased with them, overall. Keep in mind they make 3 different machines. Each takes its own strips.

i would also say relion brand from wamart is excellent. i tested their meter against my roche accucheck and it always shows about five point higher than the accucheck.

Well, how to tell which is right then?

you know the answer to that-industry standards are pretty low and they can all be off by a certain amount. i feel ok bout it as it is consistently about 5 points higher...who knows, might get a nice a1c surprise cuz i use the relion a lot more!

A man with one clock knows what time it is. A man with two clocks is never sure.

Neither meter is right. Basic error analysis. Recommended reading below. This will really miff those who believe that all we need is better health device legislation to get meters that all read the same, though.

And my question is...

Is it the meter or the strips that is giving the variations?

Both are. Any real-world physical measurement shows variations.

If it doesn't show variations, that makes me think the measurement is "fixed" (not real).

If you look through scientific journals over the past 35 years, you will find lots of published articles about the accuracy of home bg meters. 30 or 35 years ago, the subject of home bg measurement was very controversial. A phrase to google for is "Clarke Error Grid". Some recent articles have a variant known as the "Concensus Error Grid".

Typical home bg meter performance is illustrated by the scatter in plots below. It will really bother the accountants that neither the x nor y axis is known with absolute certainty.

So, is it better to think about which meter to get first? or What test strips?

I was looking at price. But sometimes price will tell you about quality and/or the possible inaccuracy of reading. But sometimes not.

Confusing place to be when all of this is new.

I am using Reli On Test Meter and Strips. Get at Wal Mart. I think meter is about $20 and strips are $9 for 50 strips. This is cheapest I have seen and you don't need insurance to get them.

I’m not sure I understand your last question kaity? Each meter is designed to work with only one type of strip… They are a matched pair. The relion prime meter only works with relion prime strips, etc. some brands have several models of meters which can use the same strip… But still they only take the only kind of strip they were designed for

I am currently using the Reli On Prime meter & strips. The strips that go with this meter are specific to the meter (Reli On Prime strips can only be used with the Reli On Prime meter). I stated using this meter because of the low cost. However, I haven't gotten good feedback after telling healthcare professionals this is the meter I am using. I'm doing research now to switch to a meter that will be more accurate.

I've been told that your endocrinologists can write a waiver to the insurance company to get you more strips of you are using more than you are currently getting. I hope you're able to get things sorted out and get what you need!

I like the Bayer Contour meter and have used them for years. They even help with strips: http://www.bayercontour.com/Meter-and-Test-Strip-Savings/ContourCHOICEProgram/Home