Levemir dose

hi i am currently on levemir and taking 20 unit at 10pm at night i find before my meal it was 5.5 1hours after meal my sugar is running at 6.6 and in between the hour it spiked to 9.4 and after 2hours of meal sugar is now at 6.2 btw i take novorapid as fast acting insulin i took 11units and had 50 grams of carbs btw im a diabetic type 1 does it sound lie my levemir needs adjusting??

Hi Static, nice to see you back here!
I am sorry, but the data you provided is very little to know whether your levemir needs adjusting… your sugars look pretty stable from what i can see. was this a one day event or has it happened multiple days that you wanna change?
a little more info would be helpful…
tc SC

hey swiss hope your well its recently its being going funny my sugar levels like today in the morning my sugar level was 15.2 on a empty stoamch i had injected 13units of Novorapid on empty sotmach without food to lower my sugar after 5 hours later i checked again it was at 5.4 im just thinking now i had to inject so much insulin without food just to lower my sugar level could my basal insulin levemir be too low

so you think you use too much novorapid? well, the easiest thing to find out whether your levemir is too low is to find out!
go up one unit, see if it is better, etc. :)

hey i injected 24 units of levemir at 10pm at night sugar was 10.2 then after 4hours at 2am i restested and checked my sugar it was 10.7 then 5hours at 7am later today i checked my sugar after i woke up it was 7.5

well then it looks like you kinda overcorrected? you should flatline on your basal alone…