Levemir and Novorapid

Hi All,

Well, I do not know where to start.
I was in mixtard 30/70 for two years and I had a bad control with it - i guess because of slow effect of 30% insulin - it was unpredictible for me to match up with meal.
I started to educate myself; I read the diabetes solution and think like pancrease books and convinced my doctor to start with Novo rapid and Levemir, as I saw that this regime of insulin is preferred for better control in these books somehow.

one and half month ago; I started taking two doses of levemir 18 U each(initially 12 each) and Novorapis is fluctuating according to carb so it is between 6 to 14 u/meal or so for 3 times a day and maybe two more doses 4 units each for snacks if any..
The problem is that I still get up high between 230 to 320 most of the times (except if I worked out night time my morning BG comes to 150 or so) knowing that I try hard to eleminate simple carb from dinner..I started this insulin system 1.5 months ago and at the meantime 2.5 months ago I quit smoking , so I do not know exactly that 7 KG I gained was a result of quitting or insulin but it bothers me so much as I am already over weight (104 KG - height 181 cm)
my questions are:

1 - Is the quantity of levemir I am taking now is correct this way or should I increase it
2 - should I take Levemir once or twice as I do now.
3 - can I add any NPH to have more control in night time or no.
4 - is the quanity of Novorapid is correct comparing to my weight.
5 - How can I lose weight using these insulins (I am already in medium to low carb diet) 90 to 50 grams carb/ day except in weekends.

I really need an advice soon cos I am depressed and can not control morning time at all

Bella, you may want to try moving levemir injection time to just before bed it starts working in about 2 hrs and peaks around 8 hrs I hope this is helpful. Also check bg before bedtime and use fastacting if high if you know what your ISF is insulin sensitivity factor

Thanks terry, I did that, but seems the dose of levemir is still not enough and I am trying to adjust it but the point is that I gained weight and I can not lose it even I walk for 1 hr a day..