Levemir Side Effects - Strange Reaction


I've recently changed to Levemir and was wandering if anyone experienced any strange reactions ? i feel like my metabolism has sped up, lost like 3kgs in 2 weeks, feel like im gona pass out sometimes, weak hands, thirsty , metallic taste in mought and in general strange. I have taken fat burners before and this feels kind of similar.

Does it take a while to get used to ? Im on holiday and am not sure if i should continue or take a break. Will be back on Monday. Was previously on Lantus.

PS - Please dont freak me out with worrying comments the hospital is an hr away - tnx !

Also I had blood tests yesterday which were all fine and saw a dr who didnt seem concerned.

sounds like they added thyroxine to your levamir. :)

whats that ?? the oooonly thing they picked up on the bloods was that i had very high iron levels but they didnt seem concerned. also had ketones yesterday which im guessing is cause im losing weight but have been flushing them out and none today.

Your on holiday...could be anything.

At one time I had an office in Amsterdam, it was not unusual for me to feel light headed, lose weight, diffrent hours and the extra walking was hard on me. Weight lose was not unusual and I have had a metallic taste from time to time, I'm not sure Levemir caused it although I do not remember it happening since I started pumping.

I have never heard of levemir side effects.
Are you dosing it right ? Usually you need way more levemir units than lantus, perhaps your basal is too low and you BG higher, is it ?
Are you taking levemir twice a day?

As for weight loss, it's a well known benefit of levemir over lantus.

I agree my levemir TDD was 20% higher than lantus.

I would not quickly change basal insulins back and forth. In my opinion it takes some days to "detoxicate" from the previous basal insulin. Maybe the effects you are feeling are from zinc deposits created by Lantus in your fatty tissue. By loosing weight it is likely that the deposited zinc will be released. This might be an explanation for the metallic taste.

If you have no indication of an allergic reaction against the Levemir I would give it one or two weaks to explore its potential.