Life Insurance for a 50 year Diabetic

Any recommendations on finding reasonable priced life insurance for diabetics?

i was denied today! for a $15,000 burial policy, and i’m 45 years old!

There’s a life insurance out there for an old diabetic??? Please tell me more! HA!

Depending on the status of your diabetes, there are 2-3 companies that give outstanding rates. Contrary to popular belief you need to look at their completely underwritten policies in the range of + $100,000 to get the best prices. They are mostly leaning towards type 2’s with no complications and a1c of <6.5. For a 50 y/o wanting $100k of 10 year term your looking at roughly $24/month best case. As you add on weight, complications etc. they’ll increase pricing. If your still having trouble, email me and I’ll track down some information for you.


Yeah, actually. If you join AARP (50+) and send in for info on one of the commercials for Colonial Penn. They ask no health questions or demand any physical. I think they followed up with me later to make sure I didn’t at least have cancer!!

Reasonable rates, too.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

My brother sells life insurance and he had a difficult time getting me a decent policy. I’m a 35 year old Type 1 with a family. It’s pretty much next to impossible to get a $500,000 policy. I have good control and no complications and it’s tough. I can get a $100,000 policy with a fairly high monthly payment… I’m still considering it.