Life Insurance for Type 1


Do any of you have afforadable life insurance that you obtained after diagnosis? I have a small policy that my parents got for me prior to diagnosis…and i mean small $2,500. And a policy that I get for free thru work which is equal to one years salary, this is only while i am employeed. I cant add additional coverage to that policy due to being a Type 1 Diabetic. In the past I have looked into outside policy either to be denied or have it cost a fortune.


I’m sorry but that is exactly what I have run into. Both me and my daughter are Type1’s and not so long ago I sent off to get her my other daughter and my husband oh and myself on a life insurance policy and the only one out of that 4 they would cover was my youngest who had no health problems. My husband has had 2 hears attacks so they turned him down but would cover all of us for like 1500 a month kinda hard to make those payments when you only draw 480 a month threw Social Security.


I was actually discussing this with a coworker yesterday. He was telling me how thorough his last life insurance policy was about his medical history and health check up before he got a good rate. Honestly, I’m like you. I have a small one through my job, but I’m almost afraid to look into an extra policy.

Great topic btw.