Like A Kid At Christmas!

Just got home from a doctor’s appointment. I hadn’t been in his office for 2 minutes when he said he wanted to get me on a pump ASAP! I couldn’t believe my ears. On the one hand I am so excited but on the other I am scared to death. I have a few questions. So, if any one out there can help me I would sure appreciate it.

I know that insurance companies vary but in general what is the procedure and requirements, if any, for getting a pump approved? Does the insurance company tell you what kind to get or are you pretty much free to choose? What qualities should I look for in a pump? When all is said and done am I going to owe the national debt? I have been on MDIs for about 8 years, is my life really going to change once I am on a pump?

Many more questions but I just can’t think of them now. I am going to start reading up on pumps. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

you might also want to post this in the pump group. i don’t have a pump yet but i’m dying to get one (no insurance) but there are plenty of people with plenty of pump advice on that forum!!

Thanks Amanda for the suggestion.

i agree, having a pump has allowed me to have more freedom in everyday things. although i have to plan ahead which is not me at all. roll eyes anywho, i went to disneyland in may and for the first time in my life i have gone to that park without any major incident. starts to cry it used to be that i would crash at some point while i was there. with a pump i actually felt like a normal person, yeah sure i’d stop to snack, but oh man i thank god and whoever invented the pump for allowing me to fully enjoy my time at disneyland for the first time in 19 years.

At my doc you chose the pump and let them know which you want. Get the literature via the companies. Then once you have a good idea of which you want, have the reps come out and show you each. I have done this part at my doc’s office but it sounds like you get a better deal via reps. Then once you know for sure, tell your doc and wait for the pump to arrive. Wait for your appointment for training. Be trained and start pumping. Once you decide your doc will send the paperwork, etc… And since the pump companies want you they will do their part to make sure you are approved.
Some people have talked about being able to get free stuff via the reps. Like 1 free item type of thing. I haven’t seen any deals like that, yet and I am on pump company number 3.
They all have their good points, but they have been pretty similar. But it is all about which has the features you want and or need. I need a 300 unit resivoir and Minimed is the only company currently making one. Anyway, the pumpers out there have answered any questions I have had so I am sure they can answer yours.
Great news! Good luck!

Do your research on all the different pumps and then choose the one you like best. I have the minimed and can only speak for that one. I love it, and their customer service is great. Insurance should cover the pump and supplies regardless of which one you choose.

Will your life change? Absolutely! And for the better! While it is not going to be perfect, you will find that managing things like sick days and unplanned eating will be much easier.