okay, well i’m new to this website and i just kinda wanted some input.

i’ve been diabetic for almost 6 years now and my control of it has been kind of slaking lately. i really need to get it under control again.

i just got a letter from my insurance company saying they’re going to pay for a new pump. i’m getting the animas one touch ping.

do you think the pump will help me get my diabetes back under control? Or is it just me being lazy? lol.

any input will help. =)

thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Sweet Lindsey ( no pun intended , ha, ha ) my observation , living with diabetes for over 26 years and a pumper for almost 8 years…it’s you that has to do the work and be committed to have it work ; the pump is a TOOL to assist You . So use "it "wisely . I wish you prosperity and above all good health .

I was not really in the best control last year. In July of 08 I started on the Omnipod, and my control got so much better. Not just from the pump, but because I was more motivated to be healthier. Like nel said, the pump is a tool to help you, as long as you use it right =) best of luck!

yes, i know i have to put forward way more effort than i have been. but even though the pump is a tool, will it help me to get control again?

The pump should improve your control BUT you have to do a lot of work to get you there. I would suggest using the book “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh to help you. I find the most important thing is to get your basal rates set correctly, and the book will definitely give you the tools to do that. Best of luck to you.


It usually means , that we do more finger pokes, which means seeing better trends about carb intake . And don’t forget to share the information with your Health Team …keep asking questions here @ TU .

exactly what everyone else is saying yeah sure the pump helps but you have got to stay on top of everything from how well you put the cartrigde together with the tubing to how many carbs you are eating.

The pump is a lot of work, but if you invest the time and energy, it can be a tool that helps you a lot!

I highly recommend the book Pumping Insulin by John Walsh. It can be a GREAT help in making sure you get your pump settings right. A pump is only as good as the settings that we (and our doctors) program into it!!!

Best wishes to you!!

It did help me. It helped keep me motivated.

I personally think the pump is great. I love it and don’t know why I didn’t start using it earlier. It might not give you immediate results, but in the long run I’m sure it will help you gain better control as you start to understand how it works. It also helps to have a good educator who knows what they’re talking about.

My A1c was 7.1 when i went in in the begining of may, i’m not sure what it is now.
like my blood sugar range should be 71-120 and maybe 2 out of 5 actually are in that range.
I take full responsibility for this, lol. i’ve just kind of gotten lazy with my diabetes and not really been watching what i’ve been eating.
I was just seeing what ppl thought about if a pump would make this easier to get my control back.

And i was on the pump before, i had the deltec cozmo but that pump got discontinued so i’m getting a new one. i wasn’t using it because i dont like it during the summer because i go swimming every day and i’m outside doing stuff all the time and its just annoying to have. lol.

thanks for yer advice.