Lilly Humalog generic listed as brand name

Lilly, the company that makes brand name Humalog insulin, announced they would be producing an authorized generic of Humalog, Insulin Lispro, the day they testified before Congress this spring.

However, Lilly has put it out to PBMs as a ‘brand (name) alternative’, not a direct generic of Humalog; it is not being listed on formularies as a generic, which means patients cannot benefit from generic pricing.

On my plan, Insulin Lispro is listed as ‘non-formulary, brand name’, and is actually MORE expensive than brand name Humalog.

My PBM says there isn’t anything they can do because it’s been given to them as a brand name alternative to Humalog, NOT as a generic.

I’m trying to raise awareness of this deception on Lilly’s behalf and make this insulin available, as it was promised to Congress, to everyone for a generic copay. I’ve started a social media campaign and posted all this info on Twitter if anyone wants to help (my twitter handle is the same as my username here!)


Isn’t that a nifty little bait-and-switch. Such noble humanitarians. Thanks for passing that along.

Express Scripts did the same thing to me last month. My doc prescribed the generic because Humalog wasn’t on their formulary. I received an automated e-mail confirming they were processing an order for the generic. Next day a new e-mail appeared and low and behold - it was switched to Humalog.

Wow. The webs they will weave, just to deceive!

Thank you for sharing, @AnnaLauren47

What this sort of thing does is just quell the non-diabetic people that have little knowledge of what is going on, but are mad at the manufacturers for the outrageous prices. It’s like the whole coupon scheme they have. People think “oh look, they provide a discount program if people can’t afford it! They actually care!”.