The cute pharmacist says

He says there was a generic Humalog released. True? Not true?
I hadn’t heard you guys mention it yet…So exciting if its true.

Wow, I had no idea that Judy Garland got so racy.
I’m adding this to the apocalypse playlist.

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Lilly released last fall a low cost “generic” Humalog known as Lispro that many PBMs won’t cover because there isn’t enough margin in the price for them to cover the kickbacks.


That’s what I heard too @El_Ver. It’s virtually for if you don’t have insurance because insurance companies won’t cover it. I believe the cost is the same as Humalog used to cost 10-15 years ago?


According to their website:

The list price1 of a 5-pack of 3 mL Insulin Lispro Injection U-100 KwikPens (15 mL or 15,000 units) is $265.20 and the list price of an Insulin Lispro Injection U-100 10 mL (10,000 units) vial is $137.35, but most people do not pay the list price. The amount you pay depends on your prescription drug insurance plan.

It’s still a lot of money for anyone struggling, but it’s better than $300+. I don’t think it’s really solving the problem for the target audience, as most anyone who can afford to pay that much per vial out of pocket can probably afford to have better insurance.

The pharmacist said its hard to get. He said its rarely stocked, so I’m still probably better off with the Humalog. But, maybe I’ll try it.

Insulin has been hard to come by. They didn’t have it in stock today. I’m supposed to call back on Monday.


@mohe0001 Are you using insurance? If not you might try ordering it from Canada.

@CJ114 has ordered from Canada although I know he used to make trips over there.


I used to make a trip to Canada about every 8 months but then Quebec stopped selling Insulin to US residents, so I have been ordering by mail from Canada and although more expensive, it is actually a little cheaper when I factor in my trip expenses.


I’ve actually never bought from Canada. I keep thinking I’ll get my passport setup and drive up to see the Banting house. Maybe we should all meet up there sometime and take a tour.

I don’t know what the hold up is on insulin, but the pharma says they will order it in for me. I’ve got some backup Walmart stuff just in case.

I just thought someone was trying to break in. Strange knock at the door. Coast is clear. I should probably get a bat. All I have is a ski pole and this giant Edward Scissor hands coffee mug (which I think would probably knock someone out).


Here’s a post from a year ago that focuses on the PBM thing:


Ah HA!!! That makes things make sense, now. That’s what our “non medical switching” bill is about. I could NEVER figure that out. Thank you.

That finally makes this bill make sense…

Are the DPAC guys dealing with this Non-medical switching? I dont know if this bill ever passed. It was a higher priority bill. I’ll have to check.


Glad I live in Maine Nancy50

MN is the test lab for legislation that may be coming to you soon. When I say “soon,” I mean, like, 5 or 10 years. Takes FOREVER!!!

I think things would move a lot faster if diabetics knew how to sue. Unfortunately, we aren’t very good at that, compared to other illness groups.

It isn’t generic until 3rd parties make and sell it. Only then is there real competition. This is one notch above a joke, because the cost is still very high for a drug that’s been around for a hundred years.


Damn it. A brief internet search revealed that he is married. Foiled again.


It took you this long to decide to google search him? Lol!!!

I know. Its embarrassing. My career as a professional stalker might never take off.


Completely agree. Generic atorvastatin is just a few bucks. How is this not the case with insulin? I’d really love to read an in-depth report as to why there aren’t more generic alternatives to humalog. Is there something about the process of making insulin that’s difficult to replicate? Maybe for generic drug makers the machines that make pills can be reconfigured to make other meds, but an insulin setup can’t be? I’m just speculating here.

They are just starting to fall in line because the State of MN is suing them. Mayo clinic is helping them. They claim market fixing. Its gonna take time. They started giving me insulin for free as soon as the state filed suit. That ended. But, they tried to appease. They are still at war. Its been several years. Unsettled case.

Internet search is the first thing to do. LOL I admire your restraint.


It didn’t occur to me. Maybe I am too old. Although, that’s a bit of a cop out. I know what a computer is. I know what a google search is.

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