Lilly's Automated insulin delivery

MORE options in the horizon!!!


@Mila - Thanks !!!

Ever since Dexcom made the curious announcement that Lilly was a partner, I have been wondering exactly what Lilly was planning to come up with. It seemed very hush-hush. Although the article mentions that had been unveiled earlier, I guess I had missed that. Nice to finally get an understanding of what they are up to as well as the timeframes they are thinking of.


My concern here is that I feel that Lilly is still gaining more terrain in the diabetes field; insulin, insulin delivery systems, and cell encapsulation! At the end of the day they are becoming more powerful and will be able to control everything. :frowning:

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Since Animas is gone, I think this is welcome news for some.

I posted on another chat last night and it was off topic, but I wanted to know who is left in the Pump industry?

  1. Medtronic
  2. Omnipod
  3. Tandem

Does anyone know if this is correct?

In the US. There’s also Sooil and Cellnovo internationally.

Hi Thas!

Yes. I am in the U.S. Sooil sounds familiar though, I will have to look them up. Thank you!

The key to keep in mind when choosing a pump is, is it going to be around for a long time? Will it keep up with the latest technology, Loop, with the soon to be available liquid stable glucagon. Future pumps will be carrying both insulin and glucagon cartridges, with 2 infusion sets, one for each cartridge. But that will be 2 years or more in the future.

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And Roche, makers of the Accuchek Combo. This is now compatible with AndroidAPS. In fact it took just over 2 months from the release of “AndroidAPS for Combo” for the number of loopers to exceed 100.

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Says they’re going to do a follow-up article about the algorithm, but it has been a week and I didn’t see it listed. Any sign of that?

Hi jjm335!

I think Roche discontinued their insulin pump in January of 2017. Thanks though, I thought about them back in Nov (?) when I first heard Animas was going away.

Hello arpida_seru,

I agree with much of what you wrote. However, to be honest, I’m not interested in the double cartridges. (I get false lows too often. ie: An alarm goes off and the cgm/pump reads 55 or below, but the finger stick will be 89 or 100.) I like the concept of the closed loop system, but I am really bad with calibrating, so I’m not sure how well that will work for me.

At this point, I guess I am just disappointed in the fact that there are only 3 Pump manufacturers left:

  1. Medtronics - where we are only numbers and not people or patients;
  2. Omnipod - where we have to get used to wearing a Pod and have to change everything out if something goes wrong; and
  3. Tandem - whose longevity is currently being questioned since it only manufactures Insulin Pumps.

Again, I’m in high hopes for Lilly’s Insulin Pump. One fear right now is how high will they go in regard to pricing.

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They withdrew from North America. Still available in Europe.

SOOIL with Dana pumps
Ypsomed with Ypsopump
Medtrum with A6 pump
Roche with Insight

I am still waiting for Novo to get into the game. Danish design skills should come at hand.