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I have started a blog on Blogger about my life with diabetes. Please visit my blog over there to see about my life with diabetes. Life with diabetes isn’t always easy, but together we can win the fight against diabetes and fight for better care, better management, and better positive living with this condition. :slight_smile: Thanks to the #JDRF roundtable bloggers that were on ustream that inspired me to start blogging, tweeting, and to come out of my “lurking” mode and to start writing on a blog, twitter account, to join tudiabetes and actually POST!, and to become a participant in the DOC. I feel like i’m a part of something, and a part of something special.
I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog, and please leave comments! I love comments, and enjoy reading and responding to the things that YOU want to see on my blog!
There’s more to come… !
~ Aliza ;

Hi Aliza, I’m twice your age and therefore twice as tech-illiterate about linking…teach me how (by email)…you can find me here at TuDiabetes and also at