Are you a d-blogger?

Tell us more about your diabetes blog.

Where is it?
How long have you been doing it for?
Do you try to focus on one area?
Has it been helpful?
Any suggestions for someone wanting to start a blog?

I’ll go first. :slight_smile:

My blog is at
I’m using Blogger, though I may change to other software in the future.
I’ve been actively blogging since September 2006.
I concentrate on diabetes technology including news and user experience. This includes the software that comes with the technology.
It’s been very helpful. The blogosphere is very tight and I have a lot of good friends out there. I’d like to meet them all together in one place some day.
My advice is to just start writing. Look at the Diabetes OC for other diabetes blogging sites that might help you. And once you get going register on the OC so we know you’re out there.

I have been blogging (though not only about diabetes) since 2002 at (it’s a Blogger blog). I’ve posted about my evolution with D since I was diagnosed in late 2002 and all those post are under the diabetes “label” as they call it in Blogger:

I recommend focused blogs, though I am not the best example of it in my personal one (I deal with music, web-related technologies, current events, jokes and Venezuelan nostalgia). I do maintain a few other blogs (which I don’t update as often as my personal one) that are highly focused:
-For my son:
-About Urban Art (a personal fascination of mine):
-A tribute blog for a Venezuelan band I used to love:

As far as suggestions, I would recommend checking out this presentation I prepared last year for a little workshop on blogging I did back where I work.

My blog is at

I use blogger.

I’ve been actively blogging since December of 2005 - though not as regularly as I’d like sometimes.

I concentrate mostly on life with diabetes - thoughts on control/lack of control - stories from yesterday and today - a little bit of everything really.

Blogging has certainly helped me to express some things about diabetes that I might not otherwise have expressed. But the very best part of blogging is the incredible group of folks who make up the Online Community of people living with diabetes or caring for someone with diabetes. They have helped me to care more about my own disease management - they have given me wonderful advice - and have been there when things have gotten rough. Bernard is right - would LOVE to meet them all in one place someday.

I’d tell them to start writing and see where it goes - to join the OC - and to comment on other people’s blogs. This, for me, is much more about the community as a whole than each of us as individual writers.

Yup I’m a D blogger (yes I did it again, typed blooger and had to backspace, lol) over at

I’ve only been going a few months. I wanted to start a long time ago, but I’ve always been a little shy about other people reading what I write. Seems silly now, because these days I go in and count how many visitors I have and feel good about sharing my writing!

I focus mainly on diabetes, but the general focus of the whole thing is my life… many sub-topics there :slight_smile:

Helpful - hell yes. I love getting my thoughts out there. I love it even more when someone comments. I’ve loved becoming a part of the whole D-blog community - what a brilliant bunch of people! I’ve learnt a lot from reading other blogs, but also learnt a bit about myself, and my diabetes, by writing things down. Sometimes I have to read them again later to pick up a lesson, sometimes I’m sorting something out in my head as I write, but it’s always a head-clearing experience to keep a blog.

My best suggestion would just be to do it! Write whatever you like, however you like… write for you, not an audience, as we’re all so different you can’t please us all anyway. Make it fun :smiley:

OH and wait til you have a name you like… because I put in ‘thingywotsit’ as a filler name, but then got stuck with it! I can change it of course but it’s kinda settled now and I wish I thought of something more ME. Though it is me because it’s a word I use a fair bit (“where’s that thingy wotsit hoojeymefliny gone?”) it’s probably not the easiest name for others to remember or even figure out what it means!

Oh… and… (she edits for the fifth or sixth time) Definitely join the OC and the Diabetes Daily headlines thing once you’re settled in and happy for others to read what you write :slight_smile:

I have a blog but I don’t concentrate on diabetes. I talk about whatever comes to mind - and sometimes that is my diabetes.

I did blog for over a year but then life got out of control and I kinda took a break. My old blog was mostly about living life with my mildly bi-polar husband after he stopped taking Lexapro. I am in the process of beginning again, but this one will still be about everything, not just diabetes. In fact, this one will be more about finding positives everyday instead of focusing on all the junk :slight_smile: I’ll post it once I have it up and going.

I started a blog late 2006; the site is

I wish I would blog more but I tend to be very random when I write (and in conversation…), and so to avoid that I decided to post only when I have more concrete things to say (if that makes sense…). I am focusing on living with diabetes in my blog and managing all those ups and downs.

It definitely has made me feel more connected to the diabetic community!

Suggestions? Well, I’ll take some any day! :smiley: Something I like in blogs is photos, so if you can include a visual image with your post try it.

My blog is at

I started in on June 8, 2007 - 2 weeks ago today - because that was my 20 year anniversary with diabetes. I focus mainly on running & exercising with diabetes because that’s a topic that I can’t seem to find a lot of information on. I think it will be helpful for me to go back and read it when I have diabetes-related running problems, to see how I’ve dealt with them in the past. It has also been nice to let some of my family and friends (especially my running partners) read what I actually go through with running with diabetes.

I just started, so I’m looking for suggestions! One thing I want to do is add the list on the side of other blogs and websites I read, but I haven’t tried to figure out how yet.

My blog is found at

I started it in November of 2005, 6 weeks after my son’s diagnosis.

To know what it is about you only need to see the name. The name of my blog is My Son Has Diabetes.


To add a list of blogs (blogroll) on the side, you have to edit your blogging template. Normally there’s a section that defines things like what you’re reading. You have to edit that part. It helps if you know some HTML.


I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while. Great writing.

Thanks Bernard! What is the proper etiquette for adding someone’s blog to the list - do I need to ask permission from them? Or just give them a heads up that I added theirs to my list?

This is like a mini-meme!

My blog lives over at I started on Blogger but have since popped over to Movable Type.

I’ve been blogging since May 4, 2005, pretty damn regularly.

It started out as a diabetes-focused blog but it’s since spun off into everything from diabetes, freelance adventures, occasional rants, Larry Bird fantasies, a place to relive my childhood bits and pieces (like DangerMouse and Tom Carvel), to a place to connect with other people who “get” the whole diabetes thing.

It’s been very helpful. It’s helped me to deal with the emotions I have on constant spin-cycle. It’s also helped teach friends and family members about the minutae of diabetes without having to have a sit-down chat that could potentially become arduous. And it also scored me a job. :slight_smile:

If you want to start a blog, head on over to Blogger. You can be up and running in just a few minutes. And that first post just feels so damn good that you may never look back. (And if you start a blog, be sure to post the URL here!)

Thanks for directing me to your forum, Bernard!

My blog is at Obviously, with Blogger. I’ve been searching for a crisp, new template but haven’t seen one I like (and I’m really not tech savvy enough to develop my own).

My first blog post was on March 13, 2007. I’d tried keeping other blogs, but they quickly fell apart because I had no direction. Then, after coming across Kerri’s Six Until Me, I realized I should take a stab at blogging about diabetes. It was totally a lightbulb moment (to quote Oprah).

My focus is mostly the day-to-day dealings of my diabetes (although general life stuff seeps in). It’s fun to write about something and see comments from people saying, “Yeah, I totally know what you mean!!” “That happened to me too!” Same goes for when I read others’ blogs. I feel connected. Other people “get it”. So I suppose in that way, yes it has been very helpful.

There are a lot of great blogging sites for those who aren’t familiar with html and just want to type and post (like me), so don’t be intimidated. And I’ll second Bernard’s advice: Just start writing. Writing didn’t come naturally to me, but I find I’m getting better as time goes on. And absolutely join the OC and various D forums. Everyone is extremely welcoming. I’ve only been blogging for 3 months, but I already feel as though I’ve known everyone for much longer. I’m grateful to be part of the “family”.

my blog is at

I have been blogging since June of 2006. I had moved across country and thought it would be a good way to stay in touch with friends. Only… they never leave comments. :frowning:
Then I found Allison, Kerri, and the rest of the Diabetes OC.
Slowly I started posting more and more about diabetes. I still don’t think it is a ‘diabetic’ blog, as a few other topics often still sneak their way in.
Blogging has been very helpful to me - how many diabetic do you know in ‘real life’, how many do you know ‘online’. Exactly!!
If you are starting a blog make sure you join the Diabetes OC and register your blog at Diabetes Daily. It can be lonely out there with no comments :slight_smile:

my blog’s over at and it’s only got one post. really pathetic i know. maybe if i find out people DO read it i’ll make it a habit to post. it’s really empty compared to my personal blog…

You can always find me at

It’s been running (albeit sporadically) since August of 2006, and I find it helps me tremendously. For the first time in my life, I feel connected to a great network of really awesome people with diabetes. They know what it’s like, and they can give me perspectives I would otherwise never find on my own.

Actually, the best part of interacting on diabetes blogs is that nobody ever looks at you and says, “Hey, can you eat that?”

Well, unless they’re joking, of course…

My blog is at
I only started this one last week after I discovered a lot of other people blog about their diabetes too.
I do have another blog about general goings on like work and knitting, which real life friends and family know about, but my diabetes one is not for people I know otherwise I probably would hold back on things I wanted to say if I knew they were reading it.

My blog is called D and Me, you can find it at
It’s about me and my diabetes, about our life together. I can’t really separate those two, because my diabetes is me, well part of me, that formed who I am today, gave me strengths, determination, confidence, taught me so much, and of course made my life difficult on more than one occasion :slight_smile: And life with diabetes is my life (I have diabetes since I was 9), so it’s all there, me, diabetes, life, ups and downs, adventures and curiousities, frustrations and victories - I’m only human after all, just happen to be a human with diabetes.

I started blogging on November 24, 2006, was encouraged by the wonderful online community of people with diabetes.