Little chocolatiers

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well i mean if she can’t be/doesn’t want to be eating the product and testing it, why should they hire her?

That remindes me of a job I HAD years ago til I told them I was a diabetic. The woman who was doing the hireing at a more or less cotton mill here said that I might pass out and fall in the loom and get killed. She told me right there (while signing the papers to go to work) that I was too bigger risk for the factory to hire! This was over 30 years ago but it did happen to me more than once way back when. Now my Type 1 daughter is a CNA! How Time changes.

well that wasn’t the smartest thing for her to reveal (some companies might shy away from her cause of higher health ins. costs and don’t think they are allowed to ask about your health history) and if that is the reason why they didn’t hire her I would believe she could sue them (not a lawyer but think her healthy history shouldn’t be a factor in hiring/firing)

Who says that you have to be able to eat chocolate in order to make it? I can’t eat fish because I’m allergic, but that doesn’t stop me from cooking it for the family. She shouldn’t have volunteered that info but on the other hand, it’s flat out illegal for them to use that as their excuse not to hire her (even if the job description required her to taste test, she can taste w/out actually eating it, can’t be much carb absorption in that!)

Be assured that in the US, that behavior is illegal. To display it on a TV show is stupidity beyond belief.

As a diabetic, you are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (the other ADA) and an employer displaying that behavior in an interview has stepped over the line. You can read more about it here (, but in particular note:

Q. One of my employees is a diabetic, but takes insulin daily to control his diabetes. As a result, the diabetes has no significant impact on his employment. Is he protected by the ADA?

A. Yes. The determination as to whether a person has a disability under the ADA is made without regard to mitigating measures, such as medications, auxiliary aids and reasonable accommodations. If an individual has an impairment that substantially limits a major life activity, she is protected under the ADA, regardless of the fact that the disease or condition or its effects may be corrected or controlled.

The fact that you have been granted a right does not mean that you will get that right. As a diabetic, it is your duty to “know” your rights and “stand up” for them. Should anyone ever attempt that kind of cr*p with me, I’ll eat them for lunch. I know my rights and I will speak up.

Now you are but not back in the early 80’s the American disabilitys Act wasn’t in the works then. It took sometime to get that. When I 1st took Type 1 I was told that I could NEVER work anywhere that was in 73 . See how times have changed?

You guys are a bunch of babies. If you were trying to run a business selling chocolate, chances are a diabetic wouldn’t be your first choice.

Why? you know she wouldn’t be eating any of my product

If it’s cuisine chocolate then there are surely multiple times in the creation, and with the finishing product, in which it has to be taste tasted, and quality assured.

I don’t see why it’s so hard to understand why they wouldn’t hire her.

it’s a taste not a whole chocolate bar. and if it’s a big deal she can take meds for it and monitor her sugar and still do her job. don’t udnerstand why anyone thinks it’s ok to deny her a chance at a livelihood

One employer is denying her the chance because he doesn’t feel she’s fit for this job… Have you ever worked in a kitchen before?? I’m assuming this is where it’s taking place. No one is denying her livelihood. One place turned her down, and it’s not even like they said “we’re turning you down because you’re diabetic.”

When you work somewhere making FOOD, doesn’t matter if it’s chocolate, Mexican food, whatever. You have to have a passion for that food. A diabetic may have a passion for chocolate but if I’m the Chef/Manager of a food outlet that produces chocolate, I’m not going to hire a diabetic. Chances are they don’t know, and will not know, chocolate, and the product I am making, nearly as good as some others vying for this job.

Sure, diabetes factors into that, and for your set of morals that may be wrong, but to me it just shows whoever is running the place is looking for only the most applicable and finest applicants.

I’ve wasted too much time on this already.

here’s my oppinion… now i’m not 100% sure on what ewas actually said in the show however It angers me when someone tells me i can’t do something because of my diabetes. She may or may not have been the best choice for the job however if it was said that the reason for not hiring was because of her diabetes then that’s not right. Diabetes doesn’t change how she could perform her job if her sugars are under control.

if she can’t get a job that is denying her a livelihood. you said she’s a diabetic she shouldnt work there. any other professions diabetics should be banned from? no problem not hiring cause she isn’t a good chocolatier/cook but to hold diabetes against her is ignorant

did a quick google and found a couple diabetic chefs

Totally agree.

Why do you say a “diabetic” would not be one’s first choice in hiring for a food service job?? Is it an assumption that we cannot eat these things?? or that we are a higher risk employee?? Both are merely assumptions founded on dated information or misinformation…I eat chocolate and have great blood sugars, have never missed much work and have been a great employee:) Furthermore, why would a chocolate maker have to be consuming huge quantities of chocolate on a daily basis?? If my potential employers had/have access to my medical information and were non-educated on what diabetes means…I am sure they would have discriminated against me in the interview process. This is why these laws exist…to protect against discrimination. Bottom line is that it is illegal to ask health questions in an interview or to use such knowledge to discriminate in the workplace.

never said you can’t be a chef, lol… just said if the chef doesn’t want her in the kitchen, then she ain’t gonna be in the god damned kitchen.

you ever work in a kitchen? if the chef doesn’t want her there, doesn’t matter the reason… she won’t be there.

refer to my post above. have you people worked in kitchens?? if the chef/whoever is running the kitchen doesn’t want her there, she won’t be there. plain and simple. no politics.

you said odds are she isn’t getting the job cause she’s a diabetic. how is that fair?

in the US you can’t deny me a job cause of my medical history. it just like your boss coming in and saying you’re a diabetic you’ve got to go.

Sounds like maybe you have had to deal w/ this type of treatment…for that I am sorry. Yes, I too worked in a kitchen during college…rough environment…and I was glad to move on. I too think it is important to acknowledge that lots of folks have to deal w/ discrimination and poor treatment in their jobs…, but must say that it is not right.