Living without type 1. so how does this work?

Here is the link to this lady’s website.

It seems she claims to have cured her daughters type 1 diabetes with diet. I don’t understand how she is managing this. I think a honeymoon period would explain some of it, but that should be over by now. A carb-less existence would help for a while. Those of you with more knowledge and experience please check it out and let me know what you think. Don’t worry, I don’t think that this would work for us as my 12 year old would starve on this diet.

file this under “if it SOUNDS too good to be true, it is”

currently, the only reliable “cure” for type 1 diabetes is a pancreatic transplant
there’s a few trials of stem-cell treatments collected from cadavers that shows promise, but they are costly and not yet proven long-term.

Oh puh-leeeze! Nobody with any basic understanding of the disease or science in general can believe this tripe. The “doctors” are scam artists pure and simple. My sympathies go out to the little girl. And may the parents be quickly charged with child abuse when she’s hospitalized.

Either a wrong dx or an intresting honeymoon or found the autoimmune trigger before she lost all function. I would like to see he c-peptide. Ijsut afraid that little girls face will be on the news one day from dka.

I didn’t see much info at the web site. Mostly it’s under construction. Where is the actual diet? I must have missed it.

If you find the link to her blog she talks about cooking with almond flour, garbanzo bean flour, honey and feeding her daughter big bowl of brussel sprouts. It sounds more like a celiac/gluten free diet. She posted recent results of a mail in A1C test from wal mart. which is 5. something. That is the part that I don’t get. Either that test is a joke or the kid never had type 1 in the first place. I don’t believe your pancreas can heal itself from resting. I’ve been watching this site for a while waiting for her to say whoops it’s all over, and she’s back on insulin. Could low carb keep you in that kind of shape for this long?

if you understand the physiology of the disease, the body won’t/cant “heal” itself.

In a normally-functioning pancreas, the Islets of Langerhans produce insulin.
in someone with Type I Diabetes, something called Islet Cell Antibodies are present.
These (bad) antibodies attack and destroy the (good) insulin-producing islet cells.
from what i remember/to the best of my understanding, the “honeymoon” period is caused in part by your body adjusting to the insulin injections, and in part from partial pancreatic function.

I don’t know about you, but when i think of reliable, accurate medical tests, “Walmart” is not the first name that pops into my head. I would not trust any A1C kit purchased in the store and done at home.

The best this woman can hope for is to rely on that residual insulin production for a year or so, in conjunction with an ultra-low carb diet. Personally, i prefer taking insulin (wearing a pump) and having the freedom to eat actual food, over an ultra-strict diet

Michelle, i agree with you, it’s most likely a misdiagnosis (assuming everything else she’s saying is true). I consider myself someone with pretty well-controlled blood sugars, and an A1C of 6.2. I don’t think i’ve ever met someone with type 1 who had an A1c as low as 5.

and, sorry, but “banana rolled in hemp seeds” does NOT sound like a delicious snack.

I agree that it’s either an extended honeymoon (that will have disastrous consequences if they try to withhold the insulin she’ll eventually need) or a complete misdiagnosis. Perhaps it is celiac and the gluten free diet is helping hold other autoimmune attack symptoms at bay. I don’t know. But it’s a myth that any diet at all can substitute for a working pancreas. All people need insulin. And a type 1, by definition, is not going to get it internally, no matter what they feed her.

The starvation diets of old that used to keep type 1s alive for a short number of years before the discovery of insulin weren’t just “low carb” diets but rather true starvation diets of less than 300 calories a day (one girl famously got in trouble for sneaking a piece of chicken skin). The people who were kept alive on these diets were thin ghosts who were were unable to have “normal” active childhoods. Judging from the little girl’s photos, this is not the case.

So many parents are so desperate for relief from their fears about their children’s diagnosis that they will try anything. As we see from the media, it often results in the death of the child. Type 1 cannot yet be cured. And if she’s not getting injected insulin and she’s not suffering, she’s not type 1.

Type 1s can run in the 5s, yes (I’ve been between 5.6 and 5.9 for the majority of my pregnancy these last nine months), but I agree that a Wal-Mart A1c test or any of these so-called doctors listed on this woman’s blog are not accurate indicators of the success of this treatment. If she were truly a cured type 1 or a controlled-by-diet type 1, you’d hear her story on the news and from the JDRF.

This looks like a hoax. I used to analyze websites for hoaxes once upon a time. If you notice nowhere in the site do you see a real phone number that you can call or a person you can talk to directly. I think this is a money stealing scam trying to scam money from diabetics and looks like it could potentially cause serious medical problems for someone.

Thanks for link, Michele.The diet doesn’t sound particularly low carb with fruit, honey & garbanzo bean flour. Yep, a celiac diet. As common as Celiac Diease has become, you’d think the girl would have been tested for this.

Agree with the others that this diet didn’t cure the child. It is intriguing, though, to consider what part food allergies could play in setting into motion autoimmune problems & dieases. A constant assault could possibly trigger the body turning on itself. Doesn’t explain breast fed babies with T1, or diabetics who don’t get “worse” after years of eating what they’re unknowlingly allergic to.

$19.99, four payments, and I get two…I’m sold. Call now…1-800-bul-crap!

oh, i have no doubt that it’s possible, just quite difficult to achieve an A1c in the 5s with the current insulins and pumps we have. Not taking any insulin at all, i think it would be impossible to have an A1c below 9.

They posted the child’s test results online. I didn’t see a Anti-GAD test.
Normally I’m open to new ideas and eating well but, I would feel sick if the child was hurt due to a “home remedy”.

If you read their description closely, what you see is telling. The author never claims to have cured her daughter’s type 1 diabetes with diet, the author claims to have cured her daughter’s SYMPTOMS of type 1 with diet which suggests the child never even had a formal diagnosis of diabetes to begin with. Also, they do not expand what those “symptoms” actually were. It strikes me that this is more wishful thinking and poor knowledge of what the etiology of type 1 actually is, making it misleading at best.

Thanks to all who took the time to look at these websites and give feedback. I can’t help but check back everyonce in awhile. It’s a little sick but I can’t help it. I just hope the mom’s ego will give in to the truth if the girl needs insulin after all. Sigh…even if there was something to it my son wouldn’t eat any of that crap.

Mark this under one I don’t belive!! If diet was the answer to getting rid of Type 1 my mom would have done that 36 years ago!

Before the discovery of insulin all children were put on these carbless or very low carb diets. The diet was high in fat. Despite that, these kids looked like walking skeletons. Diet was considered a “success” if it could keep the child alive for an extra year. I don’t think any of these children lived one year and a half past diagnosis. Yes, your 12 year old would starve. And she would die. Sorry to be so blunt.

Can she also walk on water?