Something i heard

my boyfriends aunt has type one…or so that is what his grandma and mom keep telling me. his ant lives in alaska and got type one when she was away from her family. so they don’t really all that much about it. i was told tonight by my boyfriends grandma…who is the mother of the 40 year old type one that she does NOT take insulin. she never has and doesn’t need too. that she exercises and eats how the doctors tell her too and that she is fine. now i CANNOT believe this. i am type one. if it was that easy i would do that…also i know that there is most likely info that i am missing from all this. i really want to talk to my bf’s aunt to find out her story. but i wanted to ask…is it possible??? can you have type one and not have to take any insulin???

No, you cannot. If a type one doesn’t take insulin, they’ll die. More than likely, she’s type two that does not require insulin.

and i said that…but they are 100% the doctor said it was type one

interesting. I have a older friend who is also 100% sure that he is type 1. he was diagnosed when he was 30, and was able to control it with exercise and diet for 20+yrs before going on insulin. I am also totally confused why he is so sure he is type 1, but I never felt comfortable to really push the issue. I wonder if it’s possible to have a super slow onset type 1.

She could be in a honeymoon stage. There are some who go in honeymoon stages and don’t have to be on insulin. Her pancreas could still be producing insulin.

I sort of doubt that, but there are people who are confused about the types, and really don’t know what type they are. And they might have misheard their doc, or maybe the doc doesn’t know what he’s talking about, either! LOL!

And there’s no point in pushing the issue – when people are sure of something, your “inexpert” opinion won’t sway them, even if you DO know what you’re talking about.

If you havve some spare $$$, and a signed medical authorization form, I would request copies of her medical records as I don’t believe grandma either.

she was 24 when she got it and is over 40 now so i doubt she is still in the honeymoon stage

i doubt it. i have read books and researched it. it must be a doctor error or she thinks she has the right type and is SOO wrong. seriously type 2 should be called something else…not diabetes!!!

I think it has more to do with lack of education in the general public. Growing up with a T-1 parent I knew nothing of T-2. If you also really look at it Diabetes is more the naming of the symptoms the an actual disease. Also the recent connection of T-2 to autoimmune disorders may mean we are more alike then we think.

You partner’s family is misinformed or just plain full of it.

She is likely a Type 2. She could have misunderstood her diagnosis or feels there is a stigma attached to saying she is a Type 2 (not saying there should be stigma to this at all!), or her doctor mislabeled her. If the aunt lives in Alaska the family probably isn’t really aware of her daily routine, you know?

i know right??? that would be awesome…i’m marrying into a family that found a cure for diabetes…man i wish!!!

I agree with you Elizabeth.

My g-mother dosen’t have a clue about my diabetes. I spent the night with her (I’m a Type 1 on a pump) and was changing it out, she looks at me and asks, “Do you like having a needle in you always” Better than when I was on shots and she told me I was “shotting up” If the family isn’t there with the aunt all the time and dosen’tknow the rutine they just don’t know. My g-mother is 86 and she gets the types turned around.

It is entirely possible that she is a T1 whose Beta cells were not completely killed off and for some reason her body stopped producing the antibodies, so she could potentially still have anywhere above 15% pancreatic funtion (where you generally become symptomatic). Even after islet cell transplant (implanting someone recently deceased’s islet cells into your liver), you will not have 100% pancreatic function, and would have to monitor your carb intake just the same as a 50% T1 patient, such as your BF’s aunt, perhaps.

“No shot Sherlock…” opp!

maybe. that might be the case. but i will not know till i talk to her. which i REALLY want to.

That’s a good point you bring up. Somewhere else on TuD, there is an insulin-taking Type 2 who tells people he’s a Type 1, just to avoid the constant “advice” and blaming and outright discrimination. Isn’t it terrible to have to do that to avoid the stigma? Type 2’s need more positive advocacy and more support from the people who are supposed to KNOW what they’re dealing with, not blame and shame.

That’s so sad, Natalie. Diabetes is such a misunderstood disease (all types).