Logging BS's, bolus, and intake

I have the old PDM, and currently I use Sugarstats to log my bs’s, med, and intake. It is slightly cumbersome…is there an easier way?

I am not sure what Sugarstats is, but there are other options available. I manually track my BG, meds, and carbs with the Diabetes Management Planner from Day-Timer. Their system is great. You can learn all about it at www.daytimer.com. Just type Diabetes Management Planner in the search engine, and that will take you to the page. The item number is 14272, so that should take you to the product also. The booklet allows you to log meals, carbs, meds, glucose readings, and activities. My Endo and her dietician love my records, and now when I add the print-out from the PDM, they have a complete picture.

I also know that some people just make a simple table in Word that they use each day to record stats. I don’t always have time to log in to yet another computer program, so I like the convenience of a booklet that I can manually record the numbers and foods each day.

I know that I could load some glucose tracking apps to my iTouch, but I have not tried any of those. Is that where Sugarstats comes in?

I downloaded GlucoseBuddy to my iphone several months ago, but the user interface wasn’t my favorite. They have a new version out (3.0) and I’ve started trying to do it again. I miss some glucose readings (testing 8-10 times a day when I’m not wearing a CGM) b/c it gets a little tedious. If I test on something other than my PDM, I try to enter it there as well, and then turn around and enter it in my phone (some days I am much better at this than others). The program lets you log medication amounts (not just insulin) and you can also track food intake and activities. Then you can get onto glucosebuddy.com and print out reports, etc. Since I just started using the program again, and I’m not set to see my endo until after the first of the year, I haven’t messed w/ the reports at all, so I can’t speak as to the value of them at this point.
LIke Sherry Ann said, it’s definitely different strokes for different folks (I don’t want to keep up w/ a manual booklet, but it does get overly redundant entering a glucose into several different electronic items as well).

Thanks for the ideas…Glucose Buddy is very similar to SugarStats…except GlucoseBuddy has a feature that you can log your intake. That is nice. I may give this program a try. I don’t go back to my endo until April. I’ll have pleanty of time to see if it’s gonna work for me. That’s great info!
Thanks for your replies!


Before I started pumping, I used to use an Excel spreadsheet. I fit an entire month on one 8-1/2 X 11 sheet of paper, so the spaces to record what I ate were very small.

When I started pumping, my CDE gave me a log sheet to use. It has one day on one 8-1/2 X 11 sheet of paper, so there is plenty of room to record everything I eat. I retyped it in Excel and am uploading a generic version it.

I upload from the new PDA into CoPilot. I have to tweak what uploads. If I don’t eat at normal hours, sometimes the carbs don’t upload to the correct time frame. Even though the carbs upload, I can edit them to enter what I ate to give to my nutritionist. I can also change the number of carbs to what I actually ate from what I entered for the bolus calculation. I like most of the reports from CoPilot, except I cannot get a good report of what carbs I ate. The only report I have found which shows the carb details is the diary list which is very lengthy, plus I cannot get it to print carbs without glucose.