Long Term Diabetics

I am new - joined 12-12-09 and already have had some welcome responses.
Here is a condensed version of my upcoming 5,000+ word story of a 4 generation history of a diabetic family.
My grandfather died in 1913 at the age of 40 of a strange disease known as diabetes. My father acquired it around 1932 at age of 38 and died at age 60. My younger son could not wait, being diagnosed in 1948 at tender age of 12 months. I self diagnosed myself in either 1960 or 1961. My older son has had it for about 25 years. If I get responses to this discussion start up I will be glad to share experiences with others. I am new at this and do not know how to use the site yet but will try to post a picture when I can. Don

Welcome Don. This site is very useful. The Genetic is really strong, but remember. Environmental triggers and way of life are important too. Seems to be a trend that diabetes starts earlier in many families. In Finland, a lot of toddlers are having type 1 diabetes before 5 years of old.
Welcome to this comunity !

I was diagnosed in 1959. Even though I never knew my birth parents I have been told that Diabetes runs on the Paternal side.

Welcome aboard Don, I was diagnosed at the age of 18 months with Type 1. However Type 2 runs in my family (Dad, brother, uncles, and aunts). Am not sure what to add, but ya it is pretty common. If you shared your experiences am sure you will find a lot of people to hear you and feel what you felt, also there is always new people who is recently diagnosed and looking for information and personal exp. Finally there is a group for diabetes veterans (people who had Diabetes over 20 years) feel free to join us.

Take care and keep in touch

P.S: Apologize for the bad syntax

well, we can learn from you !! hope you are willing to coach some of us along …al the best Donald
( living with diabetes for 27 years )

Hi Don! I am a first generation Type 1, daignosed at age 14 in 1998. Welcome to the site. There is so much good information and so many good people here!