Longest stretch of time from a CGM sensor?


I'm getting ridiculously long run time from a single set (the minimed) and it got me to thinking, and wondering how long you guys get, and some specifics surrounding it, like, do you pull them anyway at a certain time, or do you use them until they're dead?
I know the PC way is to only use them for as long as the FDA specifies (3 days), but my endo says I can use them over until they fizzle out.

I usually get at least 9 days from mine, in fact I think the very least time has been 9 days, bar a time or two when the set has ripped out.

The set I'm currently using is on day 17. Crazy eh? The isig level is still high and it's maintaining a good accuracy. Can't imagine that I've done anything different, which makes me wonder why some would last so long, and also wonder if they could possibly extend all of them to be this long lasting.

It's also raising questions like, maybe I should change this out now as it's been a very long time?


I pull mine out after six days. I think any further and the results may not be accurate.

This has been my experience too, Mike. But not this time. I'm getting accurate results with deviations less than 10 points out.

Day 18 now. More than double what I usually get them to live for...It has to go bad at some point, right?

I got about 6 out of mine...i changed it just cause the site was getting a bit tender. The results were pretty accurate though. I would assume as long as you are getting accurate results and the site looks good. Go for it.

I got 9 out of my previous sensor, but it died after 1.5 yrs. My new one gets 7. It always dies after 7 and needs a full re-charge.

I get 6 days battery life before needing a recharge. Seems fairly consistent. For the sake of this conversation though, I'm talking about the life of the sensors before they go bad, not the battery life of the transmitter.

Do you pull your sensors when your battery life is up?

No need to recharge with dexcom so son can wear it until readings or adhesive gets funky. Longest stretch in 8 months was 23 days.

No recharge? Is it a wired device?

My sensor is still going strong. Just crazy. Going on to day 19 if it makes it through the night. I'm about to recharge for the third time.

No, not wired. The transmitter is only a transmitter, the receiver that displays the readings gets plugged in when charge is low, it will keep receiving signals. Do it about every the 3rd night, unplug in the morning. We love Dexcom's big and detailed screen, but also looking forward to it integrating with the Omnipod PDM(which also has a large screen). :)

I heard about the pod integration. Also with the ping.

Looking forward to competition in the market helping minimed to shape up it's act and hopefully lower prices for everyone across the board.

Here, here. Competition seems to be the only force that keeps the pump and cgm companies working on upgrades. Too bad when they/we have to wait so long for FDA approvals.

When the pump beeps "sensor end", what is your next step? Do you start it as a new sensor and wait the 3 hours to calibrate?

I think I have gotten 12 days from one, I usually always pull them after 7 now, though.

Yes, though while I’m not sure what causes this, it sometimes doesn’t wait and continues seamlessly. I also always enter in my glucose results when I’m at a stable point through the sensor update menu out of habit. This seems to speed it along somehow.

I forgot to update how long that sensor lasted.

It went through until christmas eve. So around 23 days. 22 of them stable and reliable.

My next sensor lasted 6 days before weirding out…

I’m horribly curious to know what on earth could cause such a huge discrepancy.

I would very much like them all to last 23 days :slight_smile:

The site was admittedly a bit sore. Not where the sensor enters the skin but from where the edge of the transmitter was pressed into the same spot. I imagine a tiny piece of tape may have fixed that.

The actual wound healed as they always do. No trace of it left now.

Great, thanks for the advice!