Looking for a Diabetic Fitness Trainer

Does anyone know a fitness trainer in the Los Angeles or Orange County area who is a type I diabetic?


no but there is always::

strange requests get strange answers

Strange to you but makes perfect business sense to me!

why would it be a strange request? someone who understands glycogen response from the liver, using insulin, counting carbs, how long to eat/drink something for recovery especially if using kettlebells or other weights…pretty rude to throw up a richard simmons picture when someone is seriously looking for a particular request…through networking w/other trainers I’ve learned about magnesium oil and a great carnitine supplement that help with insulin response regardless of what type you are (and no I don’t sell it)…there are many PWD that would love to have a trainer who understands their particular needs, why they go low during a workout or why they might have a high blood sugar after working out depending on anaerobic or aerobic…If I’m just walking and leisurely exercising I can go low…If I’m going hard running or working with weights/bells I’m usually high after…I’ve been hunting for years since dx, for other diabetic trainers and was blessed to come across Jenna Phillips (Santa Monica) and her advice and now I’m on my own journey to teach other PWD’s eventually… =)

are you joking richard simmons is the bomb… and the only reason it’s a strange request is because it’s uncommon. I would love to have personal trainer whos diabetic, but i would try posting locally to see who you can find instead. Maybe even find another diabetic to workout with, now that would be just as cool as excercising with richard simmons.

LOL! =)


Can you tell me more about magnesium oil? I take magnesium supplement capsules.

I took capsules and tablets of magnesium but noticed a bit of diff in my energy and also my leg cramps after switching over to the oil…my husband actually had good success on a patch of psoriasis on side of his knee …it did not not go away completely yet but the itching stops when he uses it and he’s tried tons of products but he likes this best, it does sting though if it is irritated at all, you can put it on and wash it off in 15min and still get benefits…I’ve been using for few weeks now

Here’s the link where I buy it, he’s a kettlebell trainer friend of mine…tell him I sent ya :wink:

It is the best magnesium I have used so far anyways…


My mother has high BP. In addition to her BP pills, she takes magnesium to help lower it. She can’t take too many magnesium caps because of its laxative effect. I’m going to tell her about magnesium oil

Will tell your friend you referred me.

keep me updated…I’m always trying to learn more about supplements and how they help others or if they do at all… =) I hope it works well!

Will do. Hard to assimilate many types of supplements, particularly minerals. I used to take tons of supplements & have pared down because I never felt different on them. Doesn’t necessarily mean that they weren’t helping, but it was so expensive. Now, I just take Vit B complex, Vit D3, calcium, magnesium, zinc, cooper & a form of Vit K that’s supposed to help deposit the calcium in bones, instead of soft tissue. Oh, and fish oil caps, like all good diabetics. I recently switched to krill fish oil & like it better.

A friend in Brazil told me that magnesium is added to their dairy products to balance calcium. Makes sense, but I don’t know what form of Mg they use. Probably a cheap form that doesn’t do much.

I switched to krill too but want to try mercola’s next that has krill + primrose oil, supposed to help hormones even more?!

that’s interesting about brazil…I just went to a seminar w/Dr. Campbell (he wrote ‘the china study’) they were talking about dairy and how casein protein is a carcinogen…it was such an interesting lecture…they are vegans…quite a few of the kettlebell guys I follow have switched from whey/casein protein powders to pea and low carb rice protein powders…

everything in moderation :wink: but I find all this so interesting…

Dr. Mercola’s is the brand I use. It’s expensive & I only order when it’s on sale.

Casein protein is a carcinogen? I use a lot of whey isolate protein powder for shakes & in baking as a flour substitute with almond flour. Eeeek! I tried pea powder. It doesn’t dissolve well & tastes like peas:) Hemp protein powder is good, but also doesn’t dissolve well. Has a good, nutty flavor. Will look into low carb rice powder. Didn’t know about that type. I eat a lot of dairy since I eat super low carb. I may starve if I forgo diary.

I find it interesting, too. Please pass on anything you learn.

I love mercola’s site

I want to read ‘the china study’ and learn more…there is a website too…I know it though thinking about elimating something else ?? LOL …


the same site that has the mag oil also sells the rice protein, I want to order some soon, he also has recipes on there for homemade protein bars =)

time for ‘mimi’s’ for me…g’night =)

Thanks for all the info!

I should read the China Study.

I was just checking Swanson Vitamins for rice protein powder. They have good prices & service.

Sweet dreams, Jaimie.

I can appreciate your request. I took part in a DESA seminar about 10 months ago where the main speaker was an expert in sports and diabetes. She held a large handful of degrees, but I remember “sports physiology” the most. She was a prof at the Colorado University School of Sports Medicine. My point being, somebody who knows type 1 and exercise can be a huge benefit. Best of luck to you!