Looking for input


I’d like to get some input from people who are dealing with PDR. I have been dealing with PDR for 5 years. My left eye went first very quickly. I had a big bleed requiring a vitrectomy and tons of lasering. Left eye is stable but there isn’t much left to it. I only have central vision in my left eye. The peripheral vision has been aggressively lasered away.

The doctor has been working on my right eye now. Have had some periodic bleeding. Had a vitrectomy and some lasering. The lasering hasn’t been enough because my eye is still bleeding. Avastin shots every other month have been keeping my right eye under control.

The doctor says a could probably benefit from more lasering in the right eye but I have been afraid of losing what remains of my peripheral vision. I asked the doctor if I could continue to take Avastin shots indefinitely. He said I could if I really wanted too.

So hers where I would like the input. Would you go for the lasering, which will put a stop to the bleeding but pretty much do away with any peripheral vision you might have? Or would you stick with the shots as long as possible in order to preserve the ability to view a wider angle.

I am most afraid of losing the ability to drive. I don’t see how one can safely drive with only central vision. Also my ability to safely move about has been compromised. I frequently bump into people and things that I can’t see to the sides and knock stuff over. Lots of head bumps and toe stubs going on.

The shots are a pain but they are over very quickly and they do work, albeit only temporarily. The lasering is permanent but destructive. Any opinions?


I have a somewhat similar situation. Right now, I am putting off cataract surgery in my right eye.I like having some near vision.
When I last saw my retina specialist, I asked him how log I could expect to need to be seen. The answer was, "years." So I guess we just have to savor what vision we have for as long as we can.


I share your situation ammost exactly even down to my left eye going first. Except that my retinas have stopped bleeding for the moment. I was having the monthly shots last year but now the doc is seeing if I do ok without them for a few months. Also, i don’t have to work other than homemaking chores, so there is less pressure on me that way. I do still drive, (in Idaho you can drive as long as you have ONE eye!) but only in my home range where I know all the roads and signs, and only during the day. Aren’t grocery stores fun? Where you bump into people at the end of each aisle. I have basset hounds, which are perfect for tripping over too. No one knows how precious vision is like we do! I’d go with the shots, myself. Lasering seems so barbaric to me, like cutting the holes out of a blanket to fix the holes. Plus, if it’s not working… I don’t know. It just sucks, and I hope your retinas stabilize soon. My heart goes out to you, Cinderfella.


Hi, Earthling. We conversed before about our eye problems. I seem to remember about a year ago. I'm going to go with the injections as long as I can get away with it. The saving grace of them is that they are over very quickly. It's only a matter of seconds of discomfort. Then I'm good to go for another eight weeks. You are lucky that you do not have the added pressures of holding down a job. I work seven days a week at two different jobs. My eye doctor is not an advocate of people giving up, quitting jobs or changing their plans in any way. So I have tried to hang in their to the best of my ability these past five years. I am encouraged by the fact that your doctor is testing you to see if you can go without injections for a while. I wonder if I could be so lucky. Take care. We'll talk more, I'm sure.



I have the same problem with my eye doctor (My eye doctor is not an advocate of people giving up, quitting jobs or changing their plans in any way.) If my doctor had his way,"I would get eye injection every week.


What comes to mind (unless your eye docs are T1D w/PDR) is FIND A NEW DOC!!