Looking for physician recommendations in Central Florida


I'm looking for recommendations for physicians who are familiar with LADA / Type 1.5 diabetes. I'm in the Lakeland area (between Orlando and Tampa on I-4), but am willing to travel quite a ways in FL to see someone who is really good. (Sarasota, Jacksonville, Ocala...anywhere!)

I guess I am technically "pre-diabetes", but feel I am getting wobblier and wobblier...

My Background
I haven't yet been diagnosed as "diabetic" by any physician, but my primary care doctor has been monitoring my A1C for several years. I also had a GAD test run in March of this year (results = 12.8).

That test was run because I have two other autoimmune conditions and talked my primary care doc into running at least one antibody test to see if I had type 1 diabetes (or LADA / 1.5...still learning).

I test my blood sugar levels in the morning at this point. For a long while, I was averaging somewhere between 75-100. As of late, they are creeping up in to the 120's and today the 130's.

My Goal
I would like to see a physician who is familiar with LADA / Type 1.5, and who could run all the appropriate tests to see where I "am" and whether treatment is recommended. I'd rather not wait until things get really bad before seeking a diagnosis and treatment.

It's a bit overwhelming knowing who to go to. My primary doctor has been pressuring me to start Metformin for a few years now.

It's challenging to find a competent doctor who is willing to look at the whole picture proactively. I hope to find some good recommendations here!

I'm loving the TuDiabetes community already...

Yup...I'm replying to my own post. :)

I guess I'm trying to figure out where to start...and with whom...

You could ask the Florida Group


and I think this blog from Melitta tells you all the tests to request


I think of her as our resident expert on LADA

Hi Marie,

Thank you so very much for your prompt response and for those links!

I did post to the Florida group and hope to hear from someone there.

And wow...yes! Melitta's posts are absolutely fantastic. I feel better equipped already. I can see why you consider her to be your resident expert on LADA.

This is quite a lot to take in, so I appreciate all the assistance I can get.

~ Christina

I live in Port St. Lucie which is about an hour or so southeast of you on the east coast. I see a really great Endo who seems to really know what he’s doing. If you’d like you can private message me and I can give you all of his info. Wouldn’t hurt to call and talk to the staff and see if he’s the Doctor for you.

Hi Vinnie,

Thank you so much for your response to my post.

One hour doesn't seem too far to drive for someone good.

I have some names of docs to check out and will message you to add this doc to the list. I agree that it doesn't hurt...

Again, many thanks! :)