Looking for T1s to exercise with in WNY!

I am new to TuDiabetes but a friend suggested I give it a “shot” and use forums to find other people living in the Western New York area to exercise with. I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 23 (4yrs ago if you like math problems) so I didn’t have the privilege of growing up going to JDRF or ADA camps to meet other people with diabetes.

I don’t care what kind of exercise! I live outside of Rochester NY and leisurely train for marathons and half-marathons throughout the year. I’d like to get into triathlons but I’m afraid of getting kicked in the face in the water… I also play ice hockey and coach lacrosse (played lacrosse in college) and I play co-ed indoor soccer in the winter.

I’ve never been on a forum of any kind before so this is all very new to me - I hope it works! Is there anybody out there who wants to run with another Type 1?


I saw a bunch of other T1 people @ the Chicago Marathon but haven’t run into too many in my normal course of events. I had a good time training with some really excellent people at our local running store. It was pretty much voluntary but was a big enough operation that there were a variety of pace groups 8:00-11:00/ mile. We took turns bringing snacks for after, the store got lots of free gels/ Gatorade/ etc. type of goodies that they shared a lot of and were good to train with. I don’t think that any of them were too knowledgeable about T1 or diabetes in general so I was pretty much on my own for those sort of emergencies but it was very helpful to have some people to run with and made various people (parents, spouse…) who expressed concern about “what if you run low and get eaten by wolverines?” [as if Wolverines would be interested in someone with low BG…] feel better. There are some groups of T1 athletes (I see your insulindependence link…) but for me, it was handier to have a local group of runners to train with and I just went with that and got what I needed.

You may have found this group: http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/diabeticswhorunmarathons here at Tu. I guess I mostly ran my own show regarding diabetes while I was training but it was very inspiring to see people who have run 50 races posting accounts of their training endeavors.

I actually know of a handful of T1s that ran Chicago too! They were mostly the Insulindependence folks. I love that group but my friends from it are scattered around the country and I was hoping I could find some “others like me” in my home town to hang with. They have to be out there somewhere right? There are so many people doing full Ironmans and crazy ultra marathons and stuff with Type 1 and I LOVE that! So, so inspiring!

Hey Emily. I’m from Ithaca to your south/east but don’t make it up through Roc much, but I have heard of one of the “Dawn Phenomenon” groups in Rochester though. That’s part of Insulindepedence and it looks like they do a few events in your area. Next one is 11/12. http://www.facebook.com/ROCDawnPhenom

There’s also a fairly large group of active T1s in the Toronto area, and they do a retreat of sorts farther north in the winter, as well as some hiking and canoeing trips at other times in the year. It’s not the best way to find locals to go for a jog with, but I made the drive up there last year and it was great to meet up with 40 or so other diabetics that enjoy being active. It’s mostly people in their 20s-30s. Check out http://www.connectedinmotion.ca/ I’ll be headed up there again for this winter’s Slipstream.

Hope that helps. If you are ever in Ithaca, just shout!

Oops, I see you already had a link to the Dawn Phenom on your page.

Hi Emily, nice to meet you I also live outside Rochester (Farmington/Canandaigua). However I am retired, and in no shape for marathons. I like to walk on flat surfaces or my treadmill. So I doubt that I would be able to keep up with you! That’s great that you are so active, I hope you can find someone to run with.

I am actually the regional captain for Insulindependence and the Dawn Phenom monthly events in Rochester are organized by me. :slight_smile: Its very cool that you have heard about the events though!! I am just getting started with the events so I haven’t had anyone show up yet really which is why I am trying to use Tudiabetes to find more people locally to get involved with Insulindependence and to exercise/run/walk/ride with etc!! If you’re ever in Rochester let me know!!! Or if you’re interested in doing an IN event or anything or have questions just ask!

Oh and I have heard of Connected in Motion! I have been keeping an eye on thier events and been trying to get to one. Hopefully that works out sometime soon!

Hi Sue! Well being retired is a wonderful thing! I am trying to get enough people together so that we have a group of walkers, joggers and runners! So if you’re ever in Rochester … Or happen to be free on Saturday November 12 and want to go for a walk at Turning Point Park let me know :slight_smile:

Anyone in the Rochester area or planning on being in Rochester on Saturday, November 12, let’s get together for a walk, jog, run, whatever!!! EVERYONE is welcome! Young, old, fast, slow, whatever!!! I just want to get people together to be active with thier diabetes no matter what thier level of fitness!!

Saturday, November 12. 8:30am meet at the trail map in the parking lot of Turning Point Park, off of Boxart Street in Rochester.

If you’re able, please come so we can meet each other!! :slight_smile:

sue! I found a perfect buddy for you! Her name is Maureen and she is retired too and just loves going for walks!! She’s going to come to Turning Point Park on Saturday Nov 12 and you should come too so you can meet her! :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m in Niagara Falls, Ontario. You can never have too many “D” friends. Always looking for friends who understand.

January activities are on Saturday January 14!!!

Come out for a run/walk/jog in the morning! Meet us at Towpath Bike Shop at 3 Schoen Place in Pittsford, NY, for a run along the Erie Canal Path!

Later that same day, join us for ice skating at RIT’s Frank Ritter Arena on campus, 2:30-4:30pm!!! Wear something RED so we can be recognized as a group. $3 to skate and $3 to rent skates - or you can bring your own skates.

Hope to meet you soon!!!

If you have any questions you can email me or message me, ROCdawnphenom@gmail.com.