So glad I found this group!

I’m a type 1 diabetic and since I was diagnosed, I’ve been running a lot to keep my body in shape. I’d really like to find a local running group (with diabetics–even cooler) to help me stay motivated. Are there any marathon groups in or around the Alabama area that you know of?

Hey, Ashley.

I’m not even within running distance of Alabama so I can’t recommend a group. But you could look at or for help.


Hi Ashley,

I can’t even find any running groups without Diabetics in my area :frowning:

The few posters on here (Terry, Progress, etc.) are about the closest thing I have to a Diabetic running support group. It is hard to stay motivated (especially during the long windy, rainy, cloudy, cold months in my area), but Spring is coming and my first 1/2 marathon is in June. So I"m starting to get excited.