Loop can increase time in range by one month per year


You certainly have the right attitude. I am all for progress; however, since I am very sensitive to insulin, I personally would not feel comfortable with a system that mathematically makes adjustments for me. As I said, each person is different, so the best we can do is to do exactly what you plan: learn what works the best for your personal physiology, and use it. Good luck with your future endeavors! I truly hope that they closed system works well for you.


It doesn’t make decisions that much yet, it just shuts off when dex says you are low and starts up when you rise. I’m very sensitive too, but I also go into dka rapidly. I was at 46 when I woke up yesterday, dex was right, so it would have helped me in that situation. I woke up shut basal off and drank juice, I was getting up at that point, but it could maybe have been avoided.


Especially considering it could take much longer to come to Canada than the US launch… Part of why I’m still holding off on Tandem is that I’m waiting to see how long the G6 (supposedly submitted in September) and then Basal IQ take to get here. I’m wondering if the Basal IQ will have as long an approval process since it’s just software. Hopefully not, and if it gets here fast, then probably Control IQ will come relatively fast as well.