Loss of intrest

I'm unsure on whether or not this is to do with my diabetes or if its just me but i did some research into it. Ever since I was a kid I've never been inspired by music and haven't since, I looked up to see if there was a connection with my diabetes and found other stuff like increased risk of developing asexuality and other stuff mainly sexual but nothing on music don't know if its just me cause I'm not in an area where there are many diabetics if there is such thing as that but I'm generally confused on whether its just me or if there's a link was wondering if anyone could help its been bugging me for ages.

I'm confused. You want to know if our loss of interest in music is linked to diabetes? Sounds more like depression which could be linked to any disease. However, music that is made today is terrible so that could be it too.

I don't think diabetes can cause loss of interest in music specifically but it can cause depression so that could cause loss of interest in many things you like. As far as the asexuality goes, having bg levels out of whack can affect everything including your sex drive as well as can depression which affects hormones and seratonin levels.

Perhaps you just don't like music that much. I have never been much for music and when I was young, I didn't have diabetes.

I'm totally into music, usually have it going if I'm conscious. 20K songs on my ipod (unable to use phone as it doesn't hold enough...)