Not sure if i am there or not. But it seems like i have to fight everyday at my house hold to eat correct and at the proper times or take my oral medication on time or at all. i know i need to work out and eat proper but when its a fight to do the basics why try my self. I lost my mother 14 years ago due to diabetes complications. She found out when she was 48 that she was type 1? due to such a prolonged time with out the proper medication, working two jobs to keep a house and us fed took a toll or her. Plus she was not a good diabetic she ate the wrong food and played with her insulin. To her a evening desert was 3 scoops of ice cream over frosted flakes. Next i lost my big brother when i was 18 to murder. My big sister lives 8 hours away from me. I miss my mother and brother that all i want is to be with them. I know i should not be selfish and think of my son who worries about me on a daily basis and is the only one in my corner. That is my strength and he is why i fight every day. But back to the title of this is depression a big part of diabetes? Or is it just my age and were i am out in my life? So many questions? I have found when i am on here chatting and reading the articles i do feel better and have been absent for a few days due to Dom being sick. But things will get better?

A few years ago, I had more severe hypos and I think that hypos due to injected insulin are super depressing. I was really into gothy stuff, Joy Divsion, Bauhaus, etc. when I was younger and a lot of the production, particularly on the Martin Hannett JD records *really* captures the horrible, lost feeling when your BG is crashing out. I used to party a lot and have always felt that that aspect of insulin and diabetes is about as rough or rougher than underthecounter pharmaceuticals and can really get into your psyche painfully. I've had many bad thoughts when I'm running low. I try to be pretty happy most of the time, to the extent that when I get bummed out, I think "what's my BG?" because of my experiences.

Wow, you've had some tough times :( We're in your corner as well ;) Glad you can get a break from the doldrums here on TuD - the same is often true for me.

Depression is a very common accompanament to D. It's hard work, it's 24/7/365. It's misunderstood. I could go on.... It's often very helpful to see a professional to talk/work out some of the depression. Medication can often be helpful as well; if it's appropriate for you the psychologist you see will recommend it. Please find someone, and make an appointment. It can make a huge difference in your life. (I speak from personal experience.)

Being Diabetic 24/7 messes with our minds and sometimes depresses us. I do also find that this fine family of people here are my salvation. I come here for my daily dose of understanding, Its what keeps me on the right track

I had a truly serious problem with depression many years ago, long before diabetes was even on my horizon. I finally sat up one day and said, "I don't want to feel like this any longer", found a counselor I was comfortable with, and went to work on it. It just made sense -- if your leg is broken, you head for a doctor, yes? Well, I wasn't having any success fixing my emotional problems, so I went and found someone who knew how.

Depression is no joke. Depending on the severity, it can pretty much drain you of your ability to function. No matter what its cause, diabetes or anything else, you owe it to yourself to get control of it. You shouldn't have to put up with it, and you don't have to. I encourage you to find a qualified professional with whom you can be comfortable.