Lost Sensors and Weak Signals on Minimed CGM

I wanted to find out if anyone else has a recurring problem with the Minimed CGM with lost sensors and weak signals. I tend to get them on a regular basis, particularly after the sensor has been on for about 36 hours. Sometimes, it seems as though it is the placement of the sensor/transmitter and the location of the pump to receive the transmission.

I wear the pump on my belt and have the sensor/transmitter on my upper thigh and it seems that there is a higher recurrence of lost sensors and weak signals if they are on opposite sides (sometimes necessary depending on where the infusion site is at the moment). Also, if I am asleep and am lying on the sensor/transmitter.

Does anyone have similar problems if there is too much body or distance between the sensor/transmitter and the pump? Seems to me that the transmitter should have enough range to get around the body.

I definitely have to place my pump on the same side of my body as the sensor is or I do get a lost sensor or weak signal. I put my sensor in my thigh as well, and my pump site is in my abdomen, either side, but the tubing is long enough to move it to the side the sensor is. While sleeping I just place it next to my leg where the sensor is or attach to my pj’s on the sensor side.


I just posted my story about weak signals from my Dexcom. You may just have a bad transmitter. Consult with tech support.

Even though we use different systems I did learn a few things about what can cause bad transmissions. In no particular order:

Distance between transmitter and receiver. Even switching the pocket the receiver is in can sometimes improve the signal.
Insertion into old sites/scar tissue
Pressing or lying on the transmitter (e.g. while sitting or sleeping). This can block the interstitial fluid that the transmitter is getting its readings from. (from which it gets its readings)
Poor contact between the transmitter and the sensor.

Good luck,