Lovenox and pumps

I most likely be on Lovenox (injections) which is a blood thinner like Heparin not Coumadin. I am one and million that is allergic to Coumadin. I am planning on discussing going on to the insulin pump with my endocrinologist. I am already on a multiple inject plan and a type 2 who as adrenal insufficiency which requires daily oral steroids. I have fun with blood sugars due to this combination of conditions.
Does anyone have experience with placement of pump to where my injections of Lovenox are? I do 2 shots of Lovenox in my stomach daily. Lovenox not sure why has to be done in my stomach so I do use my legs for at least my Levemir and one or two of the novo log shots when possible. I can’t do my arm yet, still learning how to do that.
I was doing a different sub q medication therapy and they didn’t want that medication given near where I do my Lovenox shots which is why I am asking. I know that I can have the insulin needle in my legs if needed. Any information is helpful to me at this point. Before I start this journey and being I am the only patient my doctors either hematologist or endocrinologist has who have my collection of medication condition I have be proactive.

I had to use lovenox when I had a dvt due to chemotherapy. Here is a map of where you can place your pump. Check with your doc, but I don’t see why you couldn’t inject the lovenox on the opposite side of your abdomen.

Thanks for the information. It is more sites then my sub q therapy allows which will be nice. I shouldn’t have issue with insulin pump sites and keeping away from the Lovenox sites. The lovenox likes to make bumps to say it nicely.
I have areas from the Coumadin that are off limits now for Lovenox but did ok with sub q therapy. Right now I am a giant bruise from hip to hip with bruises of many stages of healing and lots of little dots from my injections. The bad thing with Lovenox it come in one size needles I believe it is bigger than any insulin needle.

Yes, larger gauge needle, and hurts way more too! Keep us posted :wink: