Injection Site

I have been using pens for a year and a half now. I don’t have much fat on my stomach and found it least painful to inject into my lovehandle. Now I have these hard bumps on either side that are now painful to inject into. I’ve moved to the center of my abdomen, but I find it more painful there, and now I’m worried about developing more bumps on my stomach. Anyone else experience this? If so any recommendations?


I have been using pens for 2 yrs, Levemir and Novolog flex pens, most of the time the injection site has been left and right side (lovehandles) I have not experienced any bumps or soreness, I have experienced bruising at times. During the summer I have found using the inner thigh area (wearing shorts) convenient and pain free.

Thanks! I’ll try the thigh, and I guess the bumps are now a question for the endo.

Yeah I tried the thigh thing the other day and it hurt for a good 3 minutes after injection. I have the mini needles too! Maybe I’m just a baby about it…I’ll try the tricep, can’t be worse than the thigh.

Guess I’m still alone with the bump thing. I see my endo today, maybe he knows what I’m talking about. If not, I’ll assume I’m losing my mind ; )

I’ve switched to using my love handles too recently - more fat there than on the stomach. I’m glad I’m not the only one! When I had my education sessions they said to used the stomach or upper thighs. I do use my thighs too, but love handles are more accessible when you are wearing pants or are in public.

Yeah, I mostly do the love handles. I switch to the thighs when my midsection starts getting sore. It is also convenient to use the thighs in public. No bumps in me yet. Hope the endo clears it up.

Good to hear I’m not the only one! My endo said it is from using the same spot too often. She said if I keep sticking it there it is as if I’m injecting insulin into a cork and I will have a high BS. So, I’ve been trying to rotate more, and have noticed the love handle bump has gone down some. I’m just glad that they go away in time and are not permanent. I’m trying to get honeymoon ready, and bumps on my belly are not exactly sexy!

Thanks for sharing, and I hope your bumps do not come back!