Low blood sugar

Hey people. I’ve had type 1 diabetes since June 2005.(I’ve had it forever family caught on in 2005)
The past 2 years I’ve been on the pump. Since then, I’ve noticed my highs and lows are more sensitive. Does anybody else have the same problem or is it my pump? Or maybe it’s me.
Your opinion means a lot.

hi, Jenna, and welcome. Are you having a lot of wild fluctuations? Tell us more, there are many wonderful people here who want to help. btw, I used to live in Oklahoma City and had a great doctor there, Dr. Draelos.

Marie, thank you. I can see that. Well I’m 15 so Im going to Mercy. And OU medical center. My blood sugar goes crazy!
Right now it’s in a yo-yo effect. When I have a low, and correct a while after that it’s way too high. My A1C’s are coming back bad. My last one was a 12! They used to be fine, now it’s bad. I have the Deltec Cozmonitor Pump, do you think something is wrong with it?. Is there any natural thing I can do to stabilize my blood sugars? I’ve heard vinegar can help.

Thanks for caring,
Jenna C

Hi Jenna,
Welcome to our family. Sorry it has taken me a while to find you and let you know how happy we are that you joined us. Sometimes our bodies just make changes without letting us know about it. You might try changing your insulin carb ratio a little higher and bolusing a little more often to fix the highs. And when you treat a low, try to treat only enough to pull the low up a bit, not very much… That way you won’t bounce so much. It is easier to pull it down if it doesn’t get too high to start with. At your age, you may be having some hormonal bounces that just aren’t really very controllable right now. Are you stayng reasonably low carb? There are so many variables that Marie is really right about needing more to go on for a good answer. Think about the thngs i have offered and see if anything fits. And please come back and let us know how you are doing. My best to you Jenna

  1. do you over-correct? have a 15 gram candy or juice when you are low (I know, sometimes you just want to eat everything in sight!)

  2. how often do you test? have you had your basals adjusted lately?

  3. hormones make you go wonky.

Kristin has a Cosmo, I think. She is a wonderful angel here.

I would be careful about some of these natural cures. Manny and the administration are very protective of us here, and keep as much of this stuff out of TuDiabetes as they can.

Saundra, Thank you. I feel like this is one big family. Everyone is so nice and caring.
Well, I do juice when Im low. My sugar tabs make it wayyy too high. So maybe from now on I’ll cut them in half.
Also, when adjusting the basal rate should my doctor know?
Thank you again.

Marie, when low I have a 8 oz cup of apple juice. That’s because the sugar tabs seem to make it higher.
Today during athletics my blood sugar was 32! It’s been as low as 18 before. So maybe my body is just freaking out about hormones. (my range is 80-150) I test 4 times a day, Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bed. I’m keeping a log as well, and when I check it it’s higher in the mornings than night.
My doctor has had to make so many adjustments to my ratio. Maybe I need another type of insluin. I take novolog.
thank you so much, Marie. You’ve been great.

the log is good. it’s a pain, but a big help. I use a big pad of paper, and I write everything down. bgs, boluses, exercise, emotions, food eaten, and how many carbs I think it is. I know you’re only 15, but if you come into the doc’s office with your data, questions, and perhaps a little chutzpa (attitude), they’re going to take you seriously.

when I was having some big problems this year, the doc thought I might try Aphidra (spell?) but I never did. I have settled down some with doing some better rotating of sites (again, another log item) and changing my infusion set religiously every 2 days. I didn’t think I’d get used to that, but I have. I’ve been pumping a long time.

I see you have been talking to my other guardian angel, Saundra. You will learn many things from her.

You are very welcome Jenna. And we are just a big family. I feel like every room I walk into there is always someone waiting there to help me or listen. Sometimes we just need an ear and that is fine too.
Could I suggest you check more often? i know it may be a pain with classes and all, but I think if things
are swinging back and forth so much for you that it might be helpful to see what your readings are more often and then maybe bolus a litle more often too, but not much at a time. just a little bit. I am doing that with my shots
before going on the pump and it is giving me better control.
And i would say yes about telling the doctor about needing the basal rate adjusted. In the end, this is your choice. because this is your body. But, for being 15 you are showing an amazingly mature attitude and adaptability. I praise you for that. Keep up the good work. You are going to make this work. And don’t think this means you can’t stumble on something. we all do. Just know that we are here

It just did it again.