Low-carb brown sugar substitute Sukrin Gold

Has anyone used this product? It’s a combination of erythritol and stevia (and some other ingredients I’m looking up). It’s gluten-free. It does list carbs, but says there’s no impact on blood sugar.

Any other suggestions for low-carb brown sugar substitutes in baking?


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I have not but I did have a new one called ( allulose ) at AADE this year. It was pretty darn good, especially in the chocolate.

I am mostly a Turvia person. but I might give it try in bulk when it arrives.

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I’m not a stevia user myself, but I’ve used this as a brown sugar substitute in baked goods I’ve made for others. No complaints so it must be ok.

This is my go to

I use Lakanto brown sugar substitute and it is really good but like most sugar substitutes it’s pretty expensive ($11 a pound on Amazon).