Low carb dieting/pregnancy

Anyone read anywhere or heard of anyone or did you personally continue low carbing while pregnant to control their bgs? I am having a hard time finding information on the subject and just keep reading “ketones are transferred through the placenta”. When I asked my endo about the subject he had the same reply, ketones are not good during pregnancy. Any thoughts?

I wonder if this applies to the low ketones from low carb, which would be different from high ketones from high BG. Highs during pregnancy aren’t good for the baby, of course. If you don’t find the answer here, you might want to search low carb forums on-line elsewhere.

A diabetic pregnancy is so complicated. For that, you need a good endo and a good obstetrician who is familiar with diabetic pregnancies. Insulin needs change drastically week by week during pregnancy, and you need to be in close touch with your docs. You need to keep BGs in a very narrow range, and it can be difficult. I don’t know about ketones, but I do know that you can go low-carb-ish without ketones. During pregnancy, it’s better to control by using the amount of insulin needed rather than trying to control more with diet. Weight gain is natural and necessary – your body needs the fat in order to be able to have the energy to breast-feed. The other thing is that you should be seen by the obstetrician BEFORE you get pregnant.

If you are planning a pregnancy, I wish you the best of luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks for replies guys! And yes Gerri I do believe my endo meant ketones in reguards to my low carb diet. Yes I have been reading 24 hours a day lol and I have already had a pre-pregnancy endo appt and my ob gyn pre-pregnancy appt is next Thursday so it’s bout time to get busy! We TTC for over 2 years without success before my diabetes was found so I’m hoping the diagnosis and insulin combined with my low carb diet will do the trick.

My wife when she was pregnant had gestational D and was put on a semi low carb diet as I recall (lots of sleepless nights since then), although I do recall some fruit in there and strict meals with a selection of ingredients. I would say ask Dr. B on his mothly webcast about it. Heres the link. Next one is scheduled for March 30th.

Thanks onesaint! Yeah the only low carb information I can find is with gestational and the women claiming to be on a low carb gestational diet are eating like 130 carbs day lol

That sounds about right for what my wife was on. I think it was 80-100 carbs. This is going to be a tough spot for you because low carb is still not widely accepted by the medical industry. So, your OB may tell you, you need carbs just because thats what shes/he has been told.

Im not really sure what the baby would get out of it. We look at it from and energy standpoint. The carbs are necessary for fast acting energy, but we use the protein / fat as our energy source. The questions would be 1. how much energy do you need to keep the babys development healthy and 2. what stage is the energy passed over to the baby. Meaning are you passing the broken down energy over to the kid or the raw materials so the baby does it. If its the latter, how would that effect the kid.

Oh, and Veggies. you still need veggies because of some special thing you can only get from veggies (I forget exactly what the nutrient is called atm).

Yeah I eat lots of veggies :slight_smile: Thanks for the thorough explanation onesaint, I really appreciate it! And I also sent my question to Dr. B and hopefully will receive a reply. Thanks again!

Sure! Congrats and happy to help. Btw, how did things end up with the Endo and insulin? I sort of got lost keeping track of that conversation.

I just got the okay to start trying to conceive again, so I am not pregnant yet just preparing.Things with my endo went very well! I have been on insulin now for about 6 weeks and am doing great! Thanks for askin :slight_smile:

Glad to hear! And good luck on the getting pregnant!

I did low carb for most of my first pregnancy. I would have/should have done it for my second, too, but I was much more morning sick the second time and generally felt terrible (maybe bc I was five years older?), and food was the only thing that made me feel better.

Anyway, my first pg was just awesome all the way around and I think low carbing was a big part of it. My A1C’s ranged from 4.2 to 5.5 (I kinda think something about your chemistry while pg might make them come out a bit lower – no way could I attain a 4.2 non-pg, lol). And I was in ketosis a lot, if not all the time. I worried about that, since you read so often how terrible it is, but what my doctor said (I had the best perinatologist on earth!) is that pregnant women are in ketosis ALL THE TIME. Women who have even moderately severe morning sickness are going to be in ketosis a lot, and women with severe, severe morning sickness deliver healthy babies all the time. And nobody ever talks about the problem of ketones in those cases.

I don’t have anything more scientific to go on, but I do believe that it is a normal, healthy state (maybe not the only normal, healthy state) for a pregnant woman to be in.

Good luck with your ttc’ing! I ttc’d number 2 for 4 1/2 years and it was pretty difficult emotionally. Have you ruled out any male factor problems? A doctor told my husband that it “wasn’t him” bc we had easily conceived our first child, but apparently my older son was just a miracle baby, bc our problem was in fact male factor. I just thought I’d mention it since you have a little guy there in your avatar.

How interesting that pregnancy causes ketosis.

Wow thanks so much for your reply I had the same thought in reguards to morning sickness producing ketones so why would low carb ketones be anymore harmful? My Husband has not been tested, I did fertility drugs for about 6 months before they found the diabetes and we just now are TTC again and my OB said if I am not pregnant in 4-6 months we are going straight back to infertility where they will do more tests. It makes me feel so much better hearing from someone who actually did low carb during pregnancy and had a healthy baby. Do you remember about how many carbs you were eating?

I don’t remember exactly, but I think I was very strict in the beginning and eased up some toward the end, mostly bc I was just dying to eat everything in sight. I was really, really into fruit during my pregnancies. During my second one, I ate, literally around 8 huge costco-sized apples a day for months and if I left the house without one, I would feel freaked out until I got back. But, anyway, lol, I think I was probably under 50 g of carb a day for the first 20 weeks or so. I had a lot of lows and I tried to drink milk for my lows because during both of my pregnancies I really craved it. But otherwise I was pretty strictly low carb.

I was so scared of high blood sugars during my first pregnancy that I think I let myself run way too low. I think I probably averaged around 75 or so and I had many lows, some of which were pretty terrible. One night I fell asleep with my head in the fridge, kneeling in front of it. I wouldn’t recommend that! My blood sugars were generally a lot higher for number two and I didn’t feel like I was in very good control but I actually think it might have been a healthier thing. There’s a fine line between control and control freak. And it’s scary bc when you’re pregnant you feel like any screw up could be so tragic, but the reality is that I am pretty sure that’s not true.

But I do think low carb during pregnancy is great!

Thanks so much for your advice and sharing your experience it means so much! The pregnancy bg target numbers are nondiabetic numbers which seems impossible ahhh! I know what the targets were but were you off target often or what? And no complications?

You need to remember is that there is ALWAYS a risk of birth defects, in ANY pregnancy. So do your very best, but don’t end up wracked with guilt because you weren’t perfect. OK?

Thanks Natalie :slight_smile: Yes it seems like everything and anything can cause birth defects…I’ve been watchin a lot of “I didn’t know I was pregnant” where ppl didnt know and carried on their normal routines so it makes me feel like theres hope haha

I was out of range a lot during my second pg. I was especially worried when there was a period of maybe a couple of weeks somewhere between week 6 and week 9 where I was going over 300 every day. Nothing I did was working and every time I saw those numbers I just felt like I had done something reprehensible. I was really hard on myself, but I was so worried for the baby. They say the first 9 weeks are the most important in terms of bs bc that’s when the organs are forming. I think what made it okay, though, was that I tested often, like 12 or more times a day. So, while I was going high, I wasn’t hanging out there for long. But Augie is super healthy and now I worry more about how my lows during pg #1 affected Milo than I do about how the highs affected Augie.

My advice would be to do your best, keep careful records of what you ate/bs/insulin, and test like mad. And be kind to yourself and know you don’t have to have perfect numbers.