Low carb eating

I would like to know how many of you guys do low carb eating . I eat less then 50 carbs a day except on weekends when I might splurge . My lantis is down from 32 units to 24 and I am only taking 1 shot of novolog at supper that is 2-3 units .
Has anybody been able to stop insulin all together ? I am guessing thats probably not possible just wishful thinking !
Just curious what yall do .

I stopped taking insulin and ate virtually nothing, I ended up in intensive care. Maybe some people can manage with their lantus but I'm not gonna try it. I have heard that the likes of Halle Berry has stopped taking insulin because she doesn't eat much, but you can't believe everything you read.

Your liver is going to dump out sugar, no ifs ands or buts about it! If you are a T2 I suppose it might work out somehow but not a T1.

I eat under 30 grams per meal and 10 grams if I snack. According to my pump I’ve had an average of 79 grams per day over the past week.

I still have to take insulin for all meals and snacks or else I go high. A Type 1 would not be able to stop taking insulin even if they ate nothing.

Type 1's in their honeymoon stage do often have a varying ability to bolus little or no insulin for some foods. Also Type 1's with slow onset (LADA) can go for months, sometimes even years without insulin.

For myself I ate "under 100 grams per day" since I started on insulin. I then went down to 35-60 to lose weight. I'll probably move to something in the middle soon.

Halle Berry is an idiot and giving out very dangerous myths.

You can get buy on just lantis... I guess the big question is hows your BG?...are you slowly loosing weight? Are you healthy and happy with your diet?

Note: Don't stop taking your basal insulin.

Yes I am losing weight slowly , I only want to lose like 10 pounds . My BS changes but stays around 100 .

im honeymooning and low carbing. i have about the same as you right now, 50 carbs a day. when my honeymoon goes haywire for a couple of weeks/months and i have to inject, i have about 90 carbs a day and have a unit for every meal. take 3 units of levemir, 1 in the am and two before bed.
if i exercise all day, like a long cycle, i get to eat loads more carbs with no bolus.

why is his liver going to dump sugar?

Our body constanly consumes glucose especially the nervous system and muscles. The digestion will deliver glucose at unspecific times. The liver will store the glucose coming from the digestion. These deposits are then continuously released by the liver to make sure that the needs are covered. For these micro-releases the healthy body will release micro-dosages of insulin. For insulin dependend diabetics the basal insulin is responsible to cover these glucose releases. In times of stress or in the morning the liver can increase its release rate causing a spike in the blood glucose.

but why is this liver dump definitely going to happen if eating low carb? it happens anyway to people with dawn phenomenon who are not eating low carb, and as you have written, at unspecific times?

This has nothing to do with low carbing or not. The liver will act as our battery for glucose. This battery will be refilled with every meal we consume. The liver will release the stored glucose in tiny amounts per hour. Without these micro-releases of glucose our body can not function properly. The releases will increase the blood glucose. For this we need basal insulin so the cells can consume the glucose.

thanks. i was confused by alisons post re a type 1 dumping liver and low carbing not working for type 1 people.

I would be happy to just be able to do my basil (lantis ) even if I had to break the dose up right now I am taking it all at night .

Re the "only basal" question. I think that if you are only basaling, you may be "running your basal hot" [my term...] and having some extra basal that you sort of need to cover with the low carb meals. I think that you may find it more reasonable to cut the basal back and cover food, even small amounts of food, with small bolus doses as that would more closely replicate what a normal pancreas would do in response to a diet like that. When I had the 722 pump, it didn't have as much fine tuning of the increments for both bolus and basal so I'd sort of have a choice between running hot, and having extra basal and just covering it with food (because I'm not a stickler for well, just about anything...) or running low and often covering more elevated BG with bigger boluses at meals and then riding the tail until the next one, snacking more, etc. Ideally, everything is set perfectly but sometimes a slightly different approach can be useful!

My BG seems to rise, even from nuts, although they seem a bit slower to push it up so I bolus for 7-10g carbs if I have a snack, veggies, nuts, cheese or whatever. Lately, I've cut out the snacks because my mother in law, chef for father in law, both of whom are skinny and father in law eats massively, at like 75ish years old, heaps of white rice that make me blanche, pointed out that "you guys eat snacks, we don't" so I figured maybe it would help. The last couple of weeks were a bit off and I pumped up for the race, gaining about 7 lbs, which I lost during the race so I'm back where I was in June but looked pretty good in the mirror. My brain is fried though.

My carbs are low when I don’t eat processed foods or fast food . My BS is much better when I eat good food and the good food I like happens to be fat,eggs ,cheese meat ,salad ,apples grapes
I know that’s not a lot of different foods I eat the same thing over . Oh I forgot I do eat one processed food and that is carb smart ice cream got to have it !