Low Carb Good Fats

Is anyone having success with LCHF I am seriously thinking of trying this and would like to hear from other who are doing this and having success.

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I have been doing it for 3 years or so with outstanding results. A1c in the mid fives, better lipids, using less insulin, pretty much better everything.


A couple of years here. Intermittent fasting, too. I like it. Works for me. :egg: We need a bacon icon…

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I’ve been doing it off and on for several years. Since January 1 I have been very focused on limiting my carb intake to 20/day. So far I’ve lost 12 pounds. I love how I feel and the energy I have. My A1c test is in 1 month. But from the data on my meter, the results should be in the low 6’s.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:


I have to admit when I limit carbs, my CMG flat lines. But it would take some discipline to do this all the time. What motivates you, and what do you do to avoid carbs? How many carbs is LOW or ULTRA LOW? What do you eat instead? Is your BMI low as well?

I’ve been at it for four years. I lost 25 pounds, cut my insulin usage in half, and got off the glucose roller coaster. The reduction of glucose variability has been one of the biggest benefits. It makes my quality of life much better. I don’t have to constantly defend against raging hypos; there’s a lot less drama.

Bernstein’s law of small numbers is amazing: fewer carbs = less insulin = smaller mistakes.


Good for you, @curlysarah!

This doesn’t happen every day but it’s not that uncommon either. The biggest reason is my low carb high fat way of eating.


Something like 10 years for me. I use lots and lots of spices, both fiery hot and just unusual. I find that helps keep my interest. I prowl the cookbook aisle in the library for ideas I can adapt.

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I’ve been eating low carb for at least 7 years now. I don’t count carbs, I just avoid them most of the time (particularly grains, potato, corn, sugars, most fruits).

I have excellent Hba1c (last 1 was 5), and use mainly basal insulin.

I am not slim, but that has always been a battle for me.

I also use intermittent fasting. I am about to start the 5-2 plan next week (5 days normal low carb eating, 2 days low calorie eating) to try to lose some of the weight that loves me so much.

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I’ve been doing it for almost two years. Admittedly it is tough to change to such a strict lifestyle (I eat as close to 0 carbs as possible) but it is soooooo worth it BG and energy wise. When I stick well to the diet my BG’s are tons easier to control and I need tons less insulin.

As far as losing weight, my situation is complicated because I have hormone imbalances (PCOS) and am super insulin resistant. So I needed help (metformin) being able to lose any weight, even on a LCHF diet.

Slightly off topic, but just as a matter of historical interest:

Low carb diets were first popularized as a method of weight loss in the 1860s. (No, that is not a typo.) So if someone tells you that it’s a recent or “new fangled” gimmick, or that Atkins or someone like him was the first to think of it, they not conversant with the facts.

I started LCHF about 8 months ago (thanks to my bestie Cynthia) and have had the best results I’ve ever had in 32 years. I got my A1C down to 4.8 with with very few lows and I feel amazing. Highly recommend it. There are plenty of pages with awesome recipes. This is a daily sample of my lunch time spike on LCHF. Boom​:bomb::bomb::bomb:.


@Duck_Fiabetes – Nice line!

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I think they were also very popular before c. 8-10K BC, when carbs were harder to come by! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe as a matter of practical necessity, but somehow I doubt that anyone was thinking of therapeutical goals back then . . . :laughing:


what do you typically eat in a day? I’ve had good numbers when I eat like this, but I have no willpower…and I can’t seem to stick to it. Also I am scared of eating only 20g carbs as some people tell me that it’s dangerous, but I can’t see why

A typical meal for me is 8 to 10 carbs, usually from some vegetable source, and 8 to 12 ounces of protein. The protein can be almost anything: chicken, red meat, fish, eggs, etc.

Sticking to it is the big challenge, no question. As a broad general rule of thumb for humans, it takes around two weeks to solidly establish a new habit or break an old one. In my experience, the carb cravings drop off sharply after a few days. Temptation is always there, of course, wherever you go. It takes practice to get good at saying “no”. Fortunately, practice is easy to come by. :wink:

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Unfortunately, for those of us that use insulin and experience the occasional hypo, our body (and our brain) just loves the taste of those emergency carbs. It’s all bound up in successfully surviving an existential threat. We have to treat ourselves from time to time with the very thing we’re also trying to limit. It’s like an alcoholic that has sworn off alcohol but needs it every now and then to survive. It’s a measured and calibrated path we must walk.

Yeah, and the chief difficulty is encountered when trying to consume just so much and no more. :laughing:

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