Low reservoir issues - medtronic

anyone else on medtronic paradigm have less insulin efficiency when down to 10 units or less in the pump?
Seems to be consistently an issue for me, so the alarm to change out is set at 15 units. I hate even wasting 10 units though...

I have an Animas 2020 not MM, but I notice when I change out the reservoir/cartridge there are always a few bubbles in the cartridge sometimes just tiny ones other times larger. I am extra careful to check for bubbles when I fill the cartridge, so they must form later. That is why I always change out before I am doswn to empty.

Maybe this is happening to you & you are getting air not insulin infused.

Mine usually runs up the last day. I usually run like 3.5 days, which is a bit longer than I think you're supposed to but I put in the extra insulin and, likewise, hate throwing it out.

I have mine set at 20 units just in case I go to work in the am and forget that it is close to low. Yes if it gets right down to the end I do tend to go up a bit. Yes it is hard to throw out even a little bit of the insulin.

I have a Cozmo and have the same issue under 10 units. The decrease in effectiveness isn't terrible but it is noticeable.


thanks everyone... just wanted to verify this wasn't some sort of imaginary phenomenon.

The type of insulin plays a big part in that too. When I was using Humalog I noticed this even as low as 20 units. I notice it less on Novolog, but I think that is how it goes when insulin sits out and warm next to your body for 3 days.
My endo suggested I switch to aprida, but I cant see the poin't, My control is very good.I'm running a 5.8% a1c. And I know Aprida has issues with stability.
In your case maybe you can try another insulin if your insurance allows.

i have noticed that when i get down to the last 50 units which is on the third day with me it seems to take more insulin to get me back to normal and it gets worse as i get closer to 20 units. I will change infusion kits out if i am 25 units or under. i seem to have plenty of insulin around and never run out of bottles to draw from. i thought it was my imagination also but from seeing your post i see others have insulin that seems to be not as potent anymore when its been in the pump for 3 days

I don’t ever let myself get down that low. I have low reservoir set at 20 units.