Lower blood sugar fast

How can i lower blood sugar fast .With out insulin ?

It depends on what you mean by fast. If you mean something equal to the speed of insulin I’d say probably there’s nothing that can match it. If there were I wouldn’t be taking insulin.

Besides exercise there’s alcohol (the non carb packed variety) but that would be simply dumb (to use alcohol every time you wanted to lower your BG). Not to mention that it’s a poison. Also, I’ve been told that alcohol can metabolize into sugar later which would negate the effect (I hope I am remembering that properly, I heard it from a dietitian a very long time ago).

I think very low carb is easy to reduce blood sugar.

Generally, 30 minutes of intense exercise will lower blood sugar quickly. For me. I can pretty much count on a drop of 50 to 100 assuming no bolus or food within the prior 90 to 120 minutes.

By how much depends on a number of factors like how high it is to begin with, when and what you last ate, when and how much you last bolused.

If BG is over 300, intense exercise might actually raise bg temporarily.

If you ate recently (within the previous hour) exercise may have no effect.

If you bolused within the last two hours, exercise might bring you dangerously low.

Like Dave, I’m curious why you would be looking for a quick reduction in BG and what you mean by ‘fast’.


Exercise can raise some T1’s even when they’re at normal levels to begin with.

As a Type 1, you have to take insulin & it’s the fastest way. To lower a high, & it depends how high, drinking a lot of water & exercise can help. You shouldn’t exercise if your BG is over 240.

If, and only IF you have insulin in your system, and you are not too high, exercise. So if you give a correction bolus and then do light exercise or just walk around and keep moving, you should come down pretty quickly. Depending on the person. My niece will disconnect her pump during gym class, make sure her blood sugar is 180 before going to gym, and she will usually drop anywhere between 80 to 100 points when she tests after gym. But if her blood sugar is over 300, we were told she should not exercise. If high, drinking lots of water and keeping hydrated will help.

Alcohol can reduced blood sugar but increase rate of heart disease and kidney disease.

“increase rate of heart disease and kidney disease”

To name just a few. Alcohol is a poison that our bodies can’t process properly because we haven’t evolved to do so.

Lemon in your drinks and green tea will both lower BS. Also being in the sun will lower it. Sometimes I go for a drive with the sun roof open after lunch to prevent a spike. Works great.