Blood sugar lowering tips

I’m sure everyone has some tips on things that can lower blood sugar in a correction bolus. For example, if I notice I’m a little high I have a routine of certain things I might do (besides the insulin, of course) that help bring me down faster. For example, I noticed that getting up and maybe exercising for 3-5 minutes (some pushups, jumping jacks etc.) helps bring me down quicker. Also, exercising the area of my site (doing crunches for example) helps as well.

Often times I drink a lot of water as well, which seems to help sugars come down quickly.

Just wondering what you guys learned from personal experience :slight_smile:

Roman, I like the water trick as well, especially at bedtime if my last dose of humalog was within 3 hours. Light exercise works for me also, but of course, as with any exercise, you have to watch to not go low afterwards. That’s all I"ve got. I am anxious to hear any other ideas.

I use lots and lots of water if my sugar is high. Exercise sometimes raises mine

I’ve found that exercising of any type will bring down bs. Going for a walk for 15-20 minutes does it for me.