Odd BG

Last week I experience some very low lows. I ate things that I normally ate. For some reason about two hours after eating my BG would drop down into the 30 and 40s. This never happened before. Even now as I type this about 2 hours after lunch my BG is dropping. I just tested and my BG is 85 and heading south.

I took a normal does of Novolog (4 units ) for the amount of carb I ate (69g) and I have not done any exercise. Just sitting watching movies with the kids.

Are things looking better this week?

Diabetes is never predictable is it?

Are you still in your ‘honeymoon’ period? Could it be that your pancreas has decided to help you out a little?

Any sign of illness or stress? These two usually make numbers higher, but we’re all different…

New insulin? Warmer weather? Less snacks? Injecting somewhere different? Time to lower basal?

There are so many things that can make a difference. I wish it wasn’t so!

Hope things have settled for you this week!

The BG bounced around the whole day but did not cross the 100 mark until around 9:30. I went to a family members home for BBQ (burgers, dogs, chicken). I ate about 108g carb (yeah, I know!) and took 6 unit of Novolog. My BG was in the 90-100 range the whole night. I expected that right after lunch and dinner that it would be close to 120-140.
You can see the data (screen shot from my SugarStats.com log):

or here.

Yes, I am still in the “honey moon” period. Still these are not typical readings for a typical day for me. My BG is normally above 120 a few hours after a meal the “low BG” behaviour is not consistent.
I do not take any basal insulin at this time. I was on one unit and the endo thought it was useless so I dropped it.

Seems like some days it’s a crap shoot. At least my average is lower !!

The honeymoon period is a pain in the butt if you ask me!
Sometimes during that time your pancreas can have a good day. For whatever reason, it can work better than normal - great! But not so great when you’re injecting as well and end up with a little too much!

It might not be that - but it sounds likely. You’ll be fine if you keep an eye on things :slight_smile: Test lots and have your ‘hypo foods’ on hand at all times (I’m sure you know that already…). Take a little less insulin if you feel you need to, especially if you’ve had a day or two in a row of lows. It’s great that you don’t need a basal insulin at the moment!

Here’s hoping you have many months of settled BGs from now on!

I have had odd days like that where it seems like nothing keeps my sugar in the normal range. I normally reduce my basal rate and take less insulin for meals but it never lasts. It seems like when I finally have my pump settings figured out, I change back and keep going high.
Sometimes, the balancing act we have to do every day is a bit draining. But, I have it better and easier now than people diagnosed 20 years before me so that kinda helps my perspective.

Hope you are doing better now

I was in a similar situation and did the reverse. I’m on 10 units of Lantus (basel) and I dropped most of the fast acting Novalog unless I’m going to eat something crappy. Then only 1-2 units

I’m still in the “moon” phase and look to the Lantus as a support.

My BG does rise after eating but does get back in range after 2 hours. This tends to smooth out the highes and lows for me.

Of course everyone is different and everthing else is a factor…

For me I do excercise regularly which for me is 20 points lower throughout a normal day. For you something different you just don’t know it yet.