Lows at night

I am curious about what happens to people when they have lows at night. I either have a nightmare or wake up thinking my apartment is on fire because I am so hot. Last night I had a low and I woke up to find that I had pulled my CGM off my arm thinking it was a big bug. It took me about 10 mins to find my sensor on the other side of the room...... What weird things have happened to you???

I don't have any good low stories about my son, who is living with type 1 diabetes. But I'm sure there are others out there who do. So I'm commenting to bump this back up on the forum list!

I have reactive hypoglycemia that causes lows in the 50s and 60s. I also get the sweats and weird, vivid dreams.

I usually start a fight with myself, I win.

I fall asleep with the TV on and during one Low, Criminal Minds was on and I thought the show was about me and it really freaked me out. I still can't watch that show!

I tend to get vivid dreams when I run really high or really low.

When I first got my insulin pump, we'd checked a few nights, it seemed cool, then we woke up to a rumble, it was super freaky as we were in Champaign, IL, not exactly a hotbed of tectonic activity but I knew, having been rumbled in California, that it was an earthquake. MrsAcidRock woke up and went "OMG, you need to check your blood sugar, you were shaking the bed with convulsions!!"

I tend to literally fall out of my bed when I wake up low… I keep emergency snacks on my nightstand for a reason!

The last time I had a terrible overnight low, I looked back over clues, in my room. I had picked up my cell phone, paid my car insurance (!) and called the first person on my recent call log. I also had a very detailed, disturbing dream. I woke up with an open OJ container on my nightstand, which means I had to have retrieved it from my mini fridge across the room.

Knocking on wood, but I haven't had really bad lows since I got my Dexcom, almost 5 years ago. However when I used to get them, especially before my pump, I remember feeling a sense of hopelessness and dread. It was an awful feeling and I would feel so relieved when my blood sugar would return to normal.

Sorry if this is off topic but I think it is close enough. Can you find real juice in the small juice boxes at your locations? I want those for night-time lows, at bedside. I have kept the small bottles of 100% grape juice but those are still too much for one low and I am not sure how long it can stay out of fridge after being opened.
My grocery only has watered juice (10% juice or a bit more) in the boxes. Plus regardless of the juice named on the container, it is often mostly pear juice with something else.
Also keep sugar packets but I end up spilling sugar on the bed!

And I do have a dexcom. But still have lows.

Neil, these are sold for toddlers and are 14 carbs each. http://www.diapers.com/p/earths-best-tots-juice-apple-4-23-oz-853605?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc_D&utm_content={adtype}&utm_campaign=GooglePLA&site=CA&sku=EB-229&ca_sku=EB-229&ca_gpa={adtype}&ca_kw={keyword}&CAWELAID=1935005250&kpid=EB-229

You should be able to find them at a grocery store I would think.

I have found smaller juice boxes also at walmart and elsewhere which are around 9g I think.