When asleep and my sugar just begins to get low I always get vivid and nasty dream.
The lower my glucose the more intensely ugly become the dreams.
Before I started with my CGM I had many severe hypoglycemic episodes and these were always accompanied with a full out nightmare.
Because of the CGM I no longer suffer these extreme lows but am reminded of them when sleeping by these nasty dreams.
I have wondered for some time if the same is true for all Type 1's or this happens moderately, or only me.
Appreciate your feed-back.

When I was diagnosed, my educator at the time told me that if I had a low while asleep it would more than likely be accompanied by a dream in which something was going to “get” me. I was quite skeptical at her ability to predict my dreams, but have experienced the feeling more than once since.

I'm type 2 and take insulin. I have had the same thing happen to me! Very nasty nightmares that I apparently talk in my sleep during and roll around the bed so much it wakes my husband up. I guess it is sort of good he wakes up because of it so he can get me to check my sugar or do it himself if he has to. I am usually in the 50's when this happens. Funny thing is, I am completely unaware of any hypoglycemia in the daytime and usually find out by accident while checking my sugar before a meal or something. And, just to be even more different, I have panic attack symptoms if I am much over 200 and get sort of mean- I am usually told by my family that I'm cranky and need to check my sugar lol!