Lows at School

During school when Jackson is low he normally drinks juice, but he is really getting tried of drinking juice in class all the time. He doesn't really like glucose tablets (I know he is very picky. I would like to know what you or your kids used for more mild lows during school that isn't to messy. For more extreme lows he will use juice or tablets.


If you are talking about really mild lows, like 70 or 80 I use what a nutritionist told me NOT to use, so I am letting you know they have a longer acting base, that is 2 Clif shot blocks. They are not as instant at all, so I don't know if that would fill the bill . I take them for very mild ones. If I am 60 or less, it is the old standby , tablets, which I hate. 8oz of milk does the trick and is fast,or 7 lifesavers , but then the questions is whether you are okay with him crunching all that. A box of raisins,or 2 graham cracker squares,have also been mentioned. You might want to scroll on the site, punch in a few key words, and you can read what others have used. Good luck.

Jelly beans and Skittles have 1 carb each and work very quickly. They're easy to package in measured amounts in snack-size ziplock bags. That works pretty well for me!

I use jelly beans also. They're so portable & work fast. Jelly Belly comes in great flavors. Tell Jackson I hate glucose tabs also. Bleech. Lifesavers are also good for raising lows, if he likes those.

I use jelly beans always with me in a baggie not messy.

I always have skittles & gummy bears in a ziplock in my purse. My husband says he thinks I take lows just to have my gummies. Maybe there's a bit of truth to that...shhhhh!

How about milk? The Horizon organic milk comes in packages that do not have to be refrigerated. Also Archer Farms (Target brand) and Annies both make some fruit leathers/gummys (with no artificial stuff) that are 15 grams per serving. Easy to carry and eat.

+1 for Skittles, packed in little 2" x 3" bags I got online. I have them everywhere, and 1 carb each makes it easy.

I vote for skittles, but I would suggest checking w/the teacher before bringing them into class. The school might have a policy on candy being eaten in class. If the teacher and school know he is a D, then it would probably be OK.

Fruit rollups! They seem to work almost as fast as juice for me, but I usually save them for the 60s or 70s. I prefer anything but glucose tablets too.