Pre school anxiety for moms, anybody?

Every year it happens, how will school go this year to snack or not to snack, telling all the teachers, will this be the year my son will feel comfortable testing, bolusing discussing his diabetes with his peers? This is a big one this year, new school, jacob is starting a technical high school and running cross country, he hasn't done sports since 6th grade. So I am nervous! His school nurse seems nice and we have all discussed preliminary plans aside from a real conversation with his coach we have established a workable plan. Today we are doing the fasting morning test for no morning snack routine, since jacob doesn't like being different and snacking in class. He assures me this year he is going to try to be more open but until it happens i am nervous about how this will all pan out. I talk to my nonD affected friends about my anxiety and just end up feeling unheard or to focused on my child. Can anyone relate. I know once school starts and things go well, as they usually do i will feel much more at ease but for now there is a knot in my belly! amy

Jacob is on a pump isn't he? I've wondered this often, why this isn't addressed being on a pump SHOULD eliminate the need for morning, bedtime snacks. I know back in the day growing up and on NPH and R you HAD to do that because that stuff had some wicked peaking. I just don't understand why young kids who go on pump therapy still snack? I mean if they WANT a snack sure, but that can be bolused for, but the basal rates should have been set so they don't have to snack at all. MY son doesn't have D, but I think once you get those basal rates adjusted to eliminate the need for a snack, you should be just fine. I'd def make sure he carries glucose tabs or some other type of fast acting glucose...maybe jelly beans, (esp since he doesn't want to be different from his friends) just in case, because lows can happen. But this seems to me a good time for Jacob to start handeling some more of this D management, with sports involved. And honestly I think its important for his teachers to know, def his coach, to have the school nurse on board...but even today nearly 30 years later I still dont really LIKE to test in front of others....of having curious eyes on me, I mean I'm not ashamed, but it still is an uncomfortable situation for me. I think the key is making sure he is testing, but dont stress it if he wants or feels more comfortable being private about testing. The key is that those involved in his care during school know, and that his close friends know...and it probably wouldnt even hurt for his team mates to know as well, and I'd encourage Jacob to let them in. But a lot of people just don't feel comfortable testing or medicating in front of people they don't know well or who are strangers. That's ok, as long as he IS testing and medicating as he needs too.

Thanks christy! he uses an omnipod. i'm so used to him snacking, along with my nonD need (physical or psychological) to graze every few hours, that snacking seems so important. today he went 5 hours without snacking and stayed stable. i actually think he rises after breakfast sometimes which we catch with a snack but then settles out by lunch with or without i guess! your words of wisdom helped my monkey mind! there are just so many details to consider with starting a new school year that it makes me a little jealous of my nonD affected friends with kids. i try to be a take it as it comes person and not dwell on the what if this didnt happen moments but i guess we are alowed a few. he always has tabs or the new thing jelly beans on him, he is a smart responsible young man and probably is more than capable of handling his new school year and his D too! I will still breath easier in a few weeks, he start next friday!! oh and i get his need for privacy and his self conciousness, i respect this about him but also feel his dealing with his D in public would be soooo much easier if he didnt care what others think, he would loose alot less sleep if he was more out about it and be less anxious if he had the attitude this is me and this what i have to do, but i get it, all teens tend to be self concious with or without D, it just complicates things and puts more stress on him when he could be worrying about other things, like whether to ask the cute girl in math out! ha, all new things coming! amy

hahaa gotta love teenage years and high school with and w/out D. And like you said you will be breath easier after it starts. I've just found for me, for one I tend to put weight on snacking so I try to avoid it. It's a tough call to make as I've heard many say weight wise you tend to gain less weight if you eat smaller meals and more frequently. The only draw back with that is, I then find myself with stacked doses. Even with a pump that becomes problematic for me. So I try to just watch portion sizes, I don't super low carb, but try to keep the carb count low, and just try to do 3 meals. I also find for me, if I go really low carb, I don't loose weight, all the protein and higher fat foods, just add the pounds on. So once again, I'll eat carbs, just keep the portion size low. Crazy how we all differ.

we all find what works for us! some day jacob will have to try the lower carb thing but for now he eats alot! i'm trying to pick my battles as you as parent can relate to! thanks again for your support, i really appreciate it! amy

My mom freaked out when I was starting middle school because of the nurse , I have been homeschooled since the 6th grade . LOL